ZA Group, Inc. (ZAAG), secures second vertical agriculture order from one of its key partners, receiving two large deposits in March

PENSACOLA, Florida., March 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ZA Group, Inc. (OTC: ZAAG) (“ZAAG” or “the Company”), a company specializing in acquisitions of emerging industries with a focus on direct-to-consumer apparel and the manufacturing of self-sufficient farms, secures its second vertical farming order with one of its key partners, One Step Vending, Corp. (OTC: KOSK), a few days after their first vertical agricultural order.

The second vertical agricultural order must be delivered and operational within the month of July 2022 and harvest in early fall 2022, with the first order still on track for delivery within the month of April 2022 and harvest during the summer of 2022. The Company expects $400,000 in revenue to date thanks to its 60% ownership of E-Roots Manufacturing, Inc. receiving its revenue share split 50/50.

President of ZAAG, John Morgan updates with, “Our new vertical farming model has been very successful within a few weeks of acquiring 60% of E-Roots Manufacturing, Inc. Thanks to our key partners, we have now achieved two orders and are confident that upon delivery there will be The systems are very efficient and productive with the first year revenue forecast superseding the investment. Morgan continues: “I am currently in discussions with other interested parties on buying a vertical farm and I look forward to sharing updates as they progress.”

About One Step Vending, Corporation (KOSK)

One Step Vending, Corp. is a holding company focused on acquiring disruptive and market disruptive business models, with a focus on product marketing and distribution and the self-service vending machine market. Currently, One Step Vending, Corp. owns 51% of E-Roots Systems (Abbotford), Ltd. markets and distributes products from vertically integrated farms purchased from E-Roots Systems, Inc., has 10 vending machines designed to deliver CBD and potential cannabis products.

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On ZA Group, Inc. (ZAAG)

ZA Group, Inc. is an emerging industry acquisition company with an emphasis on direct consumer apparel and self-sufficient farm manufacturing. Its goal is to take its brands to the next level, whether to own, license or manage. Currently, ZA Group, Inc. owns 60% of E-Roots Manufacturing, Inc., to manufacture stand-alone vertically integrated farms, and NFID as a wholly-owned subsidiary, an online retail outlet offering clothing ( visit the website).

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