Why is a bank account essential?

During our school years, going to a bank branch was a big problem. As school children, we had no idea of ​​a bank account. Deep down, our elders were very conservative when discussing money matters in our presence. It was a kind of blasphemous act to inform children about financial matters.

Now times have changed. The scenario is the opposite of what we experienced in our childhood. Today, we cannot let our children ignore money matters.

In other words, teaching our young people the importance of money management is inevitable. However, among other things, it is increasingly important for us to talk about savings habits with them from an early age.

Since this is an era of credit oriented society, it becomes equally important for seniors today to give them a proper understanding of how and when to use money. ‘a bank.

During all these years, while writing this column on financial matters, I have observed a unique trend among our young people. The kind of emails that frequently arrived in my mailbox from these young people were always looking for advice on how to access bank financing.

Not a single email, if I remember correctly, was about a bank deposit system, although sometimes they were looking for information on stock market scenarios.

It is interesting to note that young people who have completed their studies and are unemployed or pursuing studies frequently ask for ways to access bank financing.

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