VW stops golf for the United States

Here is the Volkswagen Golf: 1974-2021.

Volkswagen today announced that production of the practical sedan with several sporty variants ended last week, at least for the US market. The dealers can of course sell the Golfs still left on their lots. These are solid choices in the compact car segment, with a fit and finish that belies their price. But there will be no replacements to come.

At least, not for a while. The next generation of Golf will arrive internationally at the end of this year, as a 2022 model. VW’s announcement indicates that the car will be sold in the United States, but in a more limited form than today. . The cult favorite sporty Golf GTI and the specialized high-performance Golf R variant will arrive in the United States in limited numbers. But there will be no basic Golf model.

Volkswagen devotees shouldn’t despair. the VW Jetta 2021 remains to fill this niche of small car. In addition, these latest Golfs may be available at lower prices as the news spreads. Buyers are often reluctant to invest in a discontinued model, so transaction prices tend to drop in the last few months of a sale once an announcement has been made.

The base Golf model starts at $ 23,195 and is still available with a manual transmission.

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