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With prices on almost everything on the rise, our I-Team has found ways to help you save money on four of your most common monthly bills.

The first tip is probably the simplest: unplug gadgets and devices you don’t use.

“People don’t realize that your computer, when it’s plugged in, your TV, your coffee maker, even if you’re not using them, are still consuming energy,” said energy saving expert Andrea Woroch. money.

She says unplugging these devices can reduce your energy bill by ten percent.

Woroch says you can also significantly reduce your cell phone bill. She says 90% of users waste money on unlimited data plans when they don’t need it. She suggests looking at how much data you’re actually using and upgrading to a cheaper plan. Woroch says some users may want to use an online-only wireless carrier, like Mint Mobile, where you buy three-, six-, or twelve-month plans at a time at a steep discount.

“The more you buy, the more you save,” Woroch said. “In fact, the 12 month plan will bring your wireless calls, texts and data to just $15 per month. So for a family that has kids who have wireless devices, this is a quick way to save without sacrificing or giving up your service.

You could also save money on home and auto insurance. Woroch says one idea is to increase your deductible, which will lower your premium. Or, sites like, an insurance comparison site, will help you find the best deal.

“I actually did this a few years ago and saved $1,000 on my home insurance,” Woroch said.

And you might be surprised how much you pay for subscriptions. Woroch suggests you carefully consider what you signed up for, as there are probably a few you can do without.

“People are spending over $270 a month on subscriptions,” Woroch said. “I don’t think people realize how much they’re actually spending.”

Woroch says you can also find great streaming deals during the holidays. She last struck a deal for just a dollar a month.

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