This app will tell you if the local McDonald’s ice cream machine is broken

Find out if ice cream is available at your local Mickey D’s.

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We all know the heartache of wanting nothing more than a cheap McDonald’s ice cream cone, only to find out when we get there that the machine is apparently broken. Fortunately, people will never run out of reasons to create apps, and now there is one called mccasse this will tell you if your local McDonald’s machine is working.

Rashiq Zahid created the web application by reverse engineering the fast food chain’s internal application programming interface, or API, he said in a tweet on Thursday.

“I am currently placing an order valued at $ 18,752 per minute at every McDonald’s in the United States to determine which locations have a broken ice cream machine,” he wrote, later adding: “McDonald’s keeps a trace of the locations that have a broken machine, I ‘I just query them – no commands are executed, no ice cream is actually wasted. “

The app also shows the percentage of machines currently down in different cities, such as New York, San Francisco, and Chicago. (Seattle really does seem to have it together, with the app showing that all the machines are running right now. But it looks like New York needs to step it up.)

Like Sahil Lavingia, CEO of e-commerce site Gumroad, commented, “that’s why you learn to code.”


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