The latest crop of artist-designed face masks

It’s not everyone’s taste to walk around in a black mask or your blue surgeon’s mask. This is why artists have tapped into this market and dazzle your face with artistic, creative, sometimes bizarre or unexpected results.

Leading art stars, like Ralph Steadman of historical journalism Gonzo Fear and loathing in Las Vegas fame, or New York street artist Ron English, even Invader Zim designer Jhonen Vasquez, design and sell their own masks. Here are some of the best to overcome before the pandemic is (hopefully) over.

Gilbert and George

British performance art duo Gilbert & George, famous for wearing matching costumes, created a face mask that reads: “Don’t spill it!” the orders can be placed here, although they currently only ship to UK

Ralph steadman

He has a bunch of maksks for sale, from those who say “Be free” to others. Gonzo images inspired by journalism, from bats to cacti and splashed art. Get them here. As the artist once said: “There is no real mistake. It’s just an opportunity to do something else. “

Jhonen vasquez

The founder of Invader Zim, designer and creator of the cult 1990’s zine Johnny The Homicidial Maniac created a series of face masks, by Black Lives Matter to those based on his characters Fillerbunny and Spooky Skull. Get them here.

Ron English

New York artist Ron English may be known for his fitted billboards from the 1990s, but he still works in his studio to create works of art. Among his latest face mask designs, he created his brand smile to engravings of his famous paintings and more. Discover his online store here.

Embroidered mask

The Electric Tomato studio in Columbus, Ohio, makes one-of-a-kind, hand-sewn artist masks that challenge your usual printing conventions. Their embroidered masks include abstract patterns, shapes, screen printed stripes and more. Take a look here in their Etsy store.

Mask Mask of Hatred

The NoMonkeyBusiness company created a cheeky comment mask, that’s what they call a mask for “hate masks, Showing someone locked in a pair of lips lined with prison bars. Get the mask here.


The graffiti artist Sket-One liberated a cartoonish mask in collaboration with Tomenosuke Shoten, showing a detailed landscape of strange characters and space scenes. Sket also has an online store with more masks, Check it out here.

Wu Tang Clan Ghostface Killah

What is the pandemic without a Wu Tang Clan face mask? Ghostface Killah created one with the patterned rap band’s logo mixed with a cannabis leaf, he also has a mask made in his image grabbing the mic, available on its website.

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