The five biggest and best tackles in Super League history

Rugby League fans are rightly swooning over the incredible tries we get week after week by the stars of the Super League. Every week we witness at least one memorable trial full of skill and physical prowess. But arguably even better than a special try, and much rarer, is a brilliant try to save a tackle. These can be just as important as a try itself and can be when a game changes or a season is set. With that in mind, we take a look at the five most important and best tackles we’ve seen in the Super League. 25 years of history.

5. Kerion Cunningham v Wigan 2002

There are few greater opportunities in the Super League than a Saints-Wigan derby, so all of the incredible moments in this game are magnified by the stakes in this huge local derby. In 2002, the two former Super League champions were chasing new successes and faced off in another big game at Knowlsey Road in April. After 54 minutes, the Saints held a slim 2-0 lead before David Hodgson broke the pitch and returned the ball inside for Mark Smith who seemed certain to only score for Saints legend Mark Smith to put it on. in touch showing great strength.

4. Adam Milner vs. St Helens 2017

With Old Trafford beckoning, Castleford and St Helens met in the jungle as the league-leading Tigers desperately sought to see play-off specialists St Helens secure their place in a first-ever grand final. The Tigers had blown the sides all season, but it was a different kettle and early in the second half, Castleford led just 14-10 when the Saints tore the Tigers left edge just for Adam. Milner drags Tommy. Makinson’s feet touched before he could get the ball inside or score, depriving the Saints of a tying try with less than a quarter of the game to go. Two minutes later, Milner looked like he had sealed Castleford’s place at Old Trafford with a try himself. However, the way the game went from there made Milner’s try-tackle all the more important as the Saints scored three consecutive tries to regain the lead. In the end, Castleford forced the game to the golden point where Luke Gale’s drop goal landed it, but they already could have missed Old Trafford without Milner’s tackle.

3. Tom Briscoe vs. Hull KR 2010

Much like the Saints-Wigan derby, the Hull derby is one of the most important and remarkable games of any Super League season. Going back in time to 2010, the two teams were well on their way to a play-off when they met in July. In the dying seconds of the game, Black and White held a less than comfortable 20-16 lead as Peter Fox appeared to set sail for the corner in pursuit of a tying try for the Robins, only for Tom Briscoe to come out. out of nowhere to wrap the ball and force Fox’s body to touch to seal the derby booty.

2. Danny McGuire v Castleford 2017

What could be bigger than a derby? A great final. A week after Adam Milner’s heroism in the semi-finals, his Castleford side struggled to get started at Old Trafford as they faced a Danny McGuire-inspired Leeds side. The Rhinos had led the opener, but were only 6-0 down when Castleford was given their best opportunity of the first half. The Tigers extended the ball to the left with characteristic running play that had defeated the St Helens defense a week earlier. When Greg Eden received the ball with the try line waving and a gap in the Leeds defense opening in front of him, it seemed like some try for the top scorer of 2017 only for the top try scorer of the history of the competition to show his skill in defense. McGuire stretched out his arm enough to snatch the ball away from Eden and refused the try. It would be a key moment. At halftime, McGuire’s drop goal gave Leeds a 7-0 lead before a try from the Rhinos skipper brought the score to 11-0, almost certainly giving the Rhinos the trophy.

1. Kevin Sinfield vs. St Helens 2009

Eight years ago, McGuire watched his captain save the day on the biggest stage of all. Leeds and St Helens have endured one of the best and biggest rivalries in Super League history and it peaked in 2009 as the two met in a third consecutive Grand Final as Leeds sought out to win a third consecutive record title. With just one point separating the two teams heading into the final stages of the game, St Helens missed the opportunity to score a drop goal and clear the ball with Kyle Eastmond rushing down the sideline plunging for what looked like a winning tryout match for St Helens. However, when sent to the video referee, it became clear that Sinfield’s tackle had dragged Eastmond’s legs into touchdown before he immobilized the ball. A few minutes later, Lee Smith scored a second try to seal a third consecutive Grand Final victory.

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