The best comparison sites for travel, money shopping and flights

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Sometimes it feels like it’s hard to turn on the TV without finding an ad for another comparison site.

These sites make their money by earning a commission when you click on them to purchase a product or service such as an insurance policy, theft, or electronic item.

They can be useful for consumers, as it can be laborious to compare all the different offers available from a range of different providers, but the sites are not always comprehensive.

On top of that, it’s possible to end up with a financial product or flight that doesn’t fit your need because the site has made the wrong assumptions about your situation.

Here are some of the best comparison sites available, and some of the ways you can use them to save the most money…


Some flight comparison sites to save you the £££

Some flight comparison sites can save you £££s (Picture: Getty Images)

Flight comparison websites can help you score great deals, but the extras can quickly add up and you need to be very clear about what you want if you want to get the best prices.

Try Momondo which has the ability to add the number of bags you’ll be taking before you compare, so you can get the best possible flight price for you.

Kayak has a similar feature, and in both cases you can choose to only see flights on the same day or, helpfully, to see flights on dates close to the same time, to see if you can get a better deal while traveling a few days later. or sooner.

Comparison sites don’t show you all the deals, such as TUI packages which may be cheaper for some popular holiday destinations (even if you don’t plan to stay in a hotel).

If you use a comparison site, be sure to check the brand it directs you to buy the flights because if something goes wrong, you’ll have to try and get a refund from that company.

You can check their customer service record using Trust Pilot. It’s worth paying for all flights over £100 with a credit card, as it ensures that if you can’t get a refund from a flight supplier, the credit card company will also be liable to reimburse you.


Top Financial Comparison Sites to Help You Decide

Finances are tougher than ever, so getting the right financial product for you is vital (Picture: PA)

There are many comparison sites available for financial products ranging from insurance to savings accounts.

Sites such as moneysupermarket, uswitch, comparethemarket and allow you to compare products such as insurance, energy, broadband and savings.

There are also more specific sites., although strictly a marketplace rather than a comparison site, offers you a large number of savings accounts with high rates that are not available on the high street .

Some big providers aren’t listed on comparison sites, including Direct Line, Admiral and NFU Mutual, so it’s worth looking at them separately.

Always be sure to read the fine print of any financial product you purchase to ensure the product is suitable for your needs.

Customers should be wary that they are getting the right product for them. The Financial Conduct Authority, which regulates financial product comparison sites, said sites do not always offer products that meet a customer’s demands and needs.

A good place to check if the product you’re buying and the vendor you’re buying from are suitable for your needs is Defaqto, which provides independent star ratings for different products. However, you should always check the fine print yourself.


Relax, Let These Travel Websites Find You the Best Deals

Relax, some travel websites can find you a great deal (Picture: Getty Images)

For travel outside of flights, there are other comparison sites to try.

Trivago compares deals from sites like, Expedia, Agoda and Love Holidays to help you find your perfect hotel. Tripadvisor offers a similar service.

Another site worth checking out is Holiday Pirates, which has a selection of holiday deals from different providers, although it is not strictly a comparison site.

General purchases

Young woman receiving fresh food home delivery

Find the best shopping deals from the comfort of your own home (Photo: Getty Images)

You can also find comparison sites for everyday purchases.

For groceries, try Trolley, which compares prices at 15 or more supermarkets and lets you create lists to compare.

This does not include stores such as Farmfoods and Lidl, but it does include Aldi.

For online shopping, try Google Shopping, which lets you search for specific products and see where they’re stocked for the cheapest.

Independent competitors Pricepy, Pricerunner and Kelkoo do this too.

This is a great way to check if a great price on a site is actually as good as it looks.

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