TAAI asked MoCA and IATA to verify Alitalia bankruptcy

The airline is subject to official bankruptcy, reorganization and liquidation.

The Association of Travel Agents of India (TAAI) urged the Ministry of Civil Aviation to ask the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to ensure all refunds are processed by Alitalia, and not to suspend them in accordance with the announcement of the IATA-BSP rules made by the Airline. According to an announcement made by the airline, flights departing on October 15, 2021 will not be sold and have been placed under extraordinary administration from August 25, 2021 by the Ministry of Economic Development in Italy. The airline is subject to official bankruptcy, reorganization and liquidation.

“No credit envelope will be acceptable and all refunds must be refunded immediately in cash to the bank accounts of accredited member agents. Quickly learning about the issue, TAAI is in contact with the highest echelons of Indian government, especially those dealing with the subject, sensitizing them to the need to take immediate and severe action to protect the interests of Indian travel agents. brotherhood, stakeholders dealing directly and indirectly with airlines, and especially the Indian people, ”said Jyoti Mayal, Chairman of TAAI.

“IATA and the government have been urged to obtain financial security deposits and / or alternative collateral in the interim, thus protecting the funds of Indian travelers / agents. The same should apply to all airlines, their GSA / representative companies, which are responsible for all airline operations / liaison and handling in India ”, informed Jay Bhatia, vice president of the association. nodal.

“IATA has been asked to guarantee a sufficient body of finance held by the airline until all outstanding debts with accredited member agencies and travelers are settled by Alitalia. In addition, this should be strictly guaranteed and no payment to the airline, through BSP, should be made as only refunds will be made. The airline’s outstanding debts are expected to run into millions of rupees, ”said Bettaiah Lokesh, Honorary Secretary General of TAAI.

TAAI reassures its position and commitment to its members and the Indian Travel and Tourism Brotherhood that it will do its best to safeguard the interests of every member of the profession, whether they are travel agents. / tour operators, Indian citizens and all stakeholders by protecting their interests with the assistance of the Indian government and IATA.

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