So far, at least about $1 billion in tax refunds have been sent to residents of Mass.

So far, more than 900,000 Massachusetts residents have received tax refunds under Chapter 62F, the controversial tax cap law that requires the state government to return nearly $3 billion in excess income to taxpayers.

That equates to nearly $1 billion distributed to eligible Bay Staters starting Tuesday, a state official told MassLive Thursday night.

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The Baker administration began distributing checks in early November, with the distribution process expected to extend through mid-December. This is a random rollout, which means managers don’t send refunds to the lowest earners first, alphabetically, or in any other predictable order.

The refunds, which are sent as paper checks by mail and direct deposit, represent approximately 14% of an individual’s 2021 personal income tax. No action is necessary on the part of eligible Bay Staters – namely those who filed their taxes before mid-October or who will do so before mid-September – to receive the refunds, depending on the eligibility parameters. update.

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About 200,000 refunds have been distributed by direct deposit so far, and another 700,000 refunds have been issued as checks by mail, the state official told MassLive.

The Department of Revenue previously said it intended to send about 500,000 Chapter 62F refunds in the first week, followed by about 1 million in subsequent weeks “until all currently eligible refunds have been distributed”. But officials warned that US Postal Service delays could slow the process.

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Bay Staters can direct their questions about Chapter 62F refunds to a state call center at 877-677-9727. It is available from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays.

The call center has answered more than 5,600 calls so far, answering questions about refund amounts and Chapter 62F as a whole, the state official said.

MassLive wants to know if readers have already received their Chapter 62F refunds, or if not, what concerns they might have. Fill out our Google form here or below.

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