Sheriff hires cooking services in money-saving move

Hillsdale County Sheriff Scott Hodshire has contracted kitchen services to the Hillsdale County Jail.

Hodshire began to consider handing over the responsibility of feeding more than 60 inmates, more or less a few, daily to a contractor last year when staffing shortages common in today’s economy began to affect prison operations.

This year, the sheriff was able to bring in Tigg’s Canteen Services of Tekonsha to take over the jail kitchen at an approximate cost of $7.80 a day to feed inmates housed at the county jail.

Inmates receive two hot meals a day and a cold lunch that provide them with about 2,500 calories a day, as recommended by a nutritionist, Hodshire said.

With the transition to contract services stemming from staffing shortages, Hodshire quickly saw the opportunities for cost savings and the move is expected to save at least $15,000 this year alone with the potential to save up to to $40,000 per year in the future.

The prison provides two inmate administrators daily to work in the kitchen who, by the end of their sentence, are certified food safety handlers and have commercial kitchen experience, providing them with additional employment opportunities, Hodshire said. .

Tigg Canteen Services also provides commissary services at the jail and has a contract with Branch County Jail.

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