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CANFIELD — Nine-year-old Michael Kavali had learned some basics about first aid, but appreciated being exposed to more coverage of the subject.

“It could be very useful with cuts, burns and frosts”, Michael, a member of Canfield-based Cub Scout Pack 115, watched. “It’s important because it helps different types of injuries.”

Michael was among the Scouts who learned the potentially life-saving value of first aid and had the opportunity to practice several skills during Saturday’s Snowblox 2022 Cub Scout Freeze-Out at Camp Stambaugh, 3712 Leffingwell Road.

First Aid was one of seven stations that constituted the gathering and feasting of all-day entertainment, mostly outdoors. The others were Save the Frozen RobloScout, Escape Room, Scouting Traditions, Salami Biathlon Relay, Scout Games, and Photo Booth.

An estimated 268 Kindergarten through Grade 5 Scouts from Mahoning, Trumbull and East Portage counties took part in a day that featured temperatures in the 30s and intermittent snow showers.

The indoor first aid activity was divided into five sub-stations – each on how to treat and sterilize injuries caused by falls through ice on lakes or other bodies of water, severe cuts, hypothermia, burns, bee stings and other insect stings. The scouts worked in groups of four, visited the five stations and received first aid kits consisting of bandages, gauze, antiseptic wipes, Ace bandages and medical tape.

For Michael, perhaps the biggest first aid challenge was figuring out what to do in case someone got trapped on the ice, in part because “a friend may not have much energy,” and the rescuer could also fall in, he said.

Leading the burns section, Greg Carbon, a Scout from Troop 2 based in Poland, discussed with each group how to deal with first, second and third degree burns. He stressed the importance of cleaning and sterilizing these wounds to prevent infections, being aware of your location and surroundings before calling for help, and calling 911 if necessary. Knowing how to use the tape to properly wrap the gauze over the wound is also key, Carbon added.

Troop 2’s Craig Williams led the general first aid activity, which highlighted the importance of seeking professional help or a fellow Scout if you’re trying to help someone with an injury that requires more than first aid basic.

Five-year-old Andrew Mentzer and 8-year-old Jazzy Stone, both of Poland’s 9022 pack, needed a different kind of help as each received help trying out a pair of large racquets to compete in the salami biathlon event.

Jazzy said she enjoys outdoor activities like fishing and hiking, so the prelude to tossing a slice of salami was a first for her, she said.

Jazzy’s brother Leland Stone, 10, of Pack 9022, also tried his hand – or, perhaps more accurately, feet – at the challenge. Leland, who joined Scouting this year, said one of his ambitions was to be on a track team. .

“I like talking to friends and playing with my friends” he talked about one of his favorite things about being a Cub.

The key was to walk around wearing the enlarged shoes while carrying a large wooden stick with a flat metal area to hold a slice of salami, then throwing the food item at a light green laundry basket that served as a target. The skill highlighted agility, teamwork and coordination, noted Pack 115’s Steph Kelly.

“It’s a challenge for them to practice agility with snowshoe walking,” Kelly said, adding that the event also gives Scouts a fun and rather non-traditional perspective on the value of physical activity.

The Freeze-Out also featured approximately 20 young leaders who helped out across the seven stations.

The Snowblox theme was inspired primarily by Roblox, with an added winter theme, noted program coordinator Nick Patterson.

Roblox is an online gaming platform, especially popular among ages 7 to 15, that lets gamers program and play games created by other users, said Patterson, who is also Cubmaster with Pack 114. in Boardman.

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