Saving money: cost of living crisis – how to get cheap fruit and veg

Holly Smith, also known as Coupon Queen in the UK, is a trusted bargain hunter who shares her tips and tricks on social media. She suggested Brits buy Wonky Veg at Morrisons because the discounted fruit and veg could save you hundreds a year compared to premium options.

Holly, who runs the Coupon Queen website, told “At Morrisons you can buy wonky vegetables and fruit, which are slightly irregular in appearance or shape, but they are good to eat.

“You can find wonky vegetables such as bell peppers, zucchini, red grapes, green grapes, etc.

“These vegetables have a shelf life of three days or more, including the day of delivery.”

Morrisons previously sold their Morrisons Wonky Vegetable Selection Box, with a selection of their Wonky Vegetables inside.

However, this item was discontinued and now the vegetable is sold in separate packages.

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Holly said there are often other discounts on Wonky Veg. She said: “The retail price of Morrisson’s Wanky Green Grapes (500g) is £2.50 per kg, but you can buy them for £1.25.

‘If you opt for the goofy peppers (750g), the retail price is £1.60 per kg, but you can buy them for £1.20 and save.’

A standard weekly family store of fruit and vegetables, including carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, peppers, courgette, avocado, apples and grapes, costs hundreds of pounds less if Brits buy Wonky Veg stores over its premium options.

In fact, families could save over £550 a year, comparing Morrisons luxury options in similar amounts.

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Wonky Veg vs premium options

Wonky Veg Shopping List:

  • 1kg Wonky Carrots – 35p
  • 1kg Wonky Potatoes – 69p
  • 5 wonky apples – 60p
  • 500g Wonky Sweet Potatoes – 55p
  • 750g wonky peppers – £1.19
  • 400g wonky red grapes – 99p
  • 1kg – Wonky Avocado – €2.29
  • Wacky Zucchini – £1.30

Cost: £4.47 per week or £232.44 per year

Shopping list of premium fruits and vegetables:

  • 1kg Morrisons Carrots – 39p
  • 1kg Morrisons baby potatoes – 85p
  • Morrisons Royal Gala Apples – £1.59
  • Morrisons Sweet Potatoes – 99p
  • Morrisons Best Baby Sweet Peppers – £1.75
  • Morrisons Seedless Red Grapes – €1.99
  • Five Morrisons Ready to Eat Avocados – £3.73
  • Six organic courgettes – £3.87

Cost: £15.16 per week or £788.32 per year

Save over a year by buying Wonky Veg: £555

The money-saving mom detailed another way to get cheap frozen fruits and vegetables. Holly said: “Get 10% off your spend at Farmfoods, the frozen food specialist with over 300 stores.

“All you have to do is sign up for the Farmfoods newsletter.

“To do this, go to the Farmfoods website and click on the black circle on the right.

“After signing up for the newsletter, you will receive a link to download the coupons.

“You can get £2 off when you spend £25 or £10 off when you spend £100. You don’t have to buy everything. Just stock up on frozen foods such as fruit and veg that you need .”

Genius tips to save money at the supermarket

Look in the global food aisle

Items like naan bread, curry pastes, and rice are cheaper in the global food aisle than in the regular aisle by up to 75%.

Often these products are made by very recognizable British brands, but are marketed with different packaging for less money.

Buy brand name products from the supermarket

Supermarkets have their own ranges, including budget ranges. Sainsbury’s ‘Basics’ range sells a wide variety of household items and inexpensive food. Asda offers its Smart Price essentials and Morrisons offers a Savers range. Tesco has its Everday Value range.

Other tips for saving at the supermarket

  • Do your shopping at the best time of the day for a reduced diet
  • Use supermarket cashback apps
  • Plan ahead
  • Use a loyalty card
  • Cooking from scratch

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