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Since COVID-19 in India last year, many Good Samaritans have stepped forward to help those in need. While many struggled to find ambulance services, a man from Uttar Karnataka saved lives amid a coronavirus pandemic.

Manjunatha Ningappa Pujari, recognized as a ‘night paramedic’ saves lives in the regions of Belgaum, Karnataka, in his car.

Manjunatha Ningappa Pujari

The 42-year-old man had already served more than 300 people by providing free ambulance services at night. He received the India Book of Records, the Asia Book of Records and the Royal Success International Book of Records for his selfless help during the pandemic.

Manjunatha was able to transport around 185 Covid patients in his auto ambulance during the second wave.

“My father passed away from Covid last year. During this time, there was no one to help us, and that led me to help patients infected with the virus, ”Manjunatha said in a conversation with Life Beyond Numbers.

He transported some patients for free, and some paid for his service. Manjunatha donated all of the money he received to the Ashraya Foundation and other organizations to help the needy.

In addition, he also distributed more than 100 grocery kits in collaboration with the Prayaas team and Sanjay Kuligod, a local, and 15 kits from his side.

Manjunatha works three times a day to take care of her family and serve the needy.

“I drive a car from 6 am to 9 am. I donate my earnings to the Ashraya Foundation, an NGO. I work part time as an office assistant and part time as a bill collector to manage my family. After work, I transport people to hospitals in the middle of the night, ”he added.

Years ago, Manjunatha did not have a car. A pregnant woman in her neighborhood needed an emergency ambulance service. He quickly asked to borrow a car from a friend, which took him about two hours.

This incident made him decide to buy an ambulance. But, due to financial constraints, he bought a car to serve the needy.

“I have been driving the car for five years to help those in need of emergency medical support. I wanted to serve in the Indian army. But, in 2003, I had an accident and suffered a fractured femur, which damaged my left arm. I have always wanted to serve the nation and the people around me. ”

“My family was by my side”

“My family is my inspiration. Without their help, I could not pursue my dream. My mother, Shantamma Pujari helped me buy a car by selling its gold ornaments and, my late father, Shri Ningappa Pujari always motivated me to achieve my goal. My wife, Rajeshwari Pujari, and my son, Vinayak Pujari, are helping me throughout the COVID emergency, responding to calls to wake me up at night to make sure I can help those in need of my service.

Even after her death, Manjunatha wants to help and has decided to donate her body to the Jawaharlala Neharika Medical Institute for medical research. He has also been a regular blood donor and has donated 44 donations to date.

Manjunatha Ningappa Pujari
Manjunatha Ningappa Pujari

It provides home delivery services to people in quarantine, such as food and other necessities.

He said: “I want to buy an ambulance to help those who need emergency services with advanced facilities. I will never stop working for a good cause. ”

He wants his son to follow his example and join the Indian army. “My son is my beacon of hope for the future.”

His selfless work is an inspiration. Manjunatha asks everyone to come forward and show kindness and uplift humanity.

This story was first published in Life Beyond Numbers.

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