Saving face: Huat masks to wear for Chinese New Year in the event of a pandemic

SINGAPORE – It’s time to put away your minimalist face masks again, because what’s a Chinese New Year without a little fun?

From disposable face masks to their reusable cloth counterparts, this year’s festive offerings for adults and kids come in an explosion of colors – including plenty of red – and optional tiger prints.

Whether you’re looking for dainty designs or all-out kitsch (think bak kwa and mahjong patterns), these face coverings aim to serve up looks with a side of the Chinese New Year spirit.

But it’s not just about brashness and style. Blooming Tiger masks from mask specialist Enro, for example, come with built-in PM0.1 filtration layers that are said to filter out over 98% of viruses and bacteria, and are said to last for over 100 washes.

Meanwhile, three-ply masks from local brand Simone Sews include a washable filter. Founded by self-proclaimed “fabricoholic” Simone Consigliere, Simone Sews uses only 100% cotton fabrics. Its Chinese New Year-themed mask, Roaring In 2022, is made in Italy and printed in South Korea.

The non-profit organization Project Luni is also getting into the game with its KF94 disposable face masks, but all money from purchases will be funneled towards its main mission: saving cats.

Komuniti Tukang Jahit masks, on the other hand, are sewn by a community of single, stay-at-home mothers in Malaysia, who receive an income in return – talk of doing good while looking beautiful.

Whichever you choose, offset these maximalist masks with an understated ensemble. Stick to clean silhouettes, opt for one or two colors maximum for your clothes and you’re all set to party – while respecting the usual social distancing rules, of course.

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