Rep. Allen: Assembly Passes Legislation That Saves Lives

Madison, WI – Today the Assembly passed AB 82, the Kai Lermer Bill, which requires students and parents to be informed of the nature and risk of sudden cardiac arrest in athletic activities young people.

Rep. Allen (R-Waukesha) presented the AB 82 in honor of Kai Lermer, who died after playing basketball at Grandview Park in Waukesha on April 3, 2019.

After his death, Kai’s family learned that an ECG test could have uncovered heart disease and potentially saved Kai’s life. Since then, Kai’s parents and the entire community have dedicated their time and efforts to educate student-athletes about Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Asked about AB 82, Kai’s father, Mike Lermer, said: “The key to preventing cardiac arrest in young athletes is education. If enacted, there is no doubt that AB 82 will save the lives of countless young Wisconsin athletes.

AB 82 requires the Department of Public Instruction, in consultation with the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association and two pediatric cardiologists, to develop information about the nature and risk of sudden cardiac arrest during sports activities and the benefits and risks of ECG tests to determine risk. This information will be disseminated for sports activities offered to 12-year-olds and over on an information sheet already distributed to athletes on the topic of concussions and head injuries.

“Kai’s death is a tragedy that Waukesha will not soon forget. Kai’s legacy will continue through AB 82, preventing similar deaths of young athletes in the future” – Rep. Scott Allen.

The bill is currently in the Senate Rules Committee, waiting to be scheduled for a vote. Once it passes through the Senate, it will go to the governor’s office to be signed into law.

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