Reduce emissions through efficient driving


  • reduce fuel consumption
  • less carbon emissions
  • less risk of vehicle wear

Efficient driving is a style of driving that reduces fuel bills, carbon emissions and accident rates. It’s about becoming a better driver, rather than sacrificing performance or driving pleasure. For electric vehicles (EVs), efficient driving also brings greater range.

Save fuel, reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality by following our driving tips and thinking about your vehicle choice. Driving efficiently also has safety benefits due to the emphasis on better anticipation.

Additional techniques for electric vehicles

Efficiently driving an electric vehicle (EV) also requires making the most of regenerative braking, or regeneration, which recharges the batteries when you slow down or drive downhill. To do this, use the higher regeneration levels once you are comfortable doing so. This, combined with good anticipation of the road ahead, will allow you to slow down most of the time during regeneration.

You should also remember that heating an EV consumes power and drains the battery, so use the heater wisely. Most electric vehicles have heated seats and often heated steering wheels. By using these features, you will probably find that you can lower the cabin temperature, which results in a net energy saving.

Last updated: September 1, 2021

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