Polaris Adventure Vehicles Take Women’s Empowerment to New Heights

In the small town of Roseau, Minnesota, the idea was launched for a company that would become the leading producers of all-terrain and adventure vehicles. Edgar and Allan Hetten, and their friend David Johnson, took their skills in repairing farm equipment at the end of WWII, when resources were scarce, and developed it into a solution to reach hunting lodges. the most remote mountains of Minnesota.

These three thus invented the modern snowmobile. While early models were heavy and slow, Hetten, Hetten, and Johnson created machines that were more agile and designed for adventure and touring in addition to durability. The company these three founded became Polaris Industries.

Today, Polaris has crossed paths with the travel industry, marketing its vehicles, which for a time included side by side, ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles and more, creating routes and partnering with a variety of destinations as part of their Polaris Adventures Membership Club. Members can choose from a healthy list of destinations and off-road vehicles, and begin their adventure by having the vehicle delivered right to their doorstep.

Destinations range from Alaska to Hawaii, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas to the Appalachians, to name a few. The terrain matches the ideal vehicles made available to members. From there, daily rentals open up a multitude of landscapes to the adventurer. Imagine, for example, exploring the Rocky Mountains in a Slingshot, a three-wheeled motor vehicle first introduced in 2014. The fresh air and the wind blowing through your hair, combined with one of the most scenic landscapes. majestic world, especially at sunset, raises the bar of adventure travel.

Another campaign to promote travel as well as the empowerment of women is that of Polaris Empowersports Women’s Equestrian Council. Once again, Polaris brings together two powerful forces, women and travel, to help promote both. They employ multiple Adventure Ambassadors to represent the brand through their own stories, awareness, educational efforts and inspirational stories. Here are three:

Julie-ann chapman is originally from British Columbia, Canada. This Polaris team athlete entered the adventure field thanks to snowboarding. It exists in the delicate balance between security and empowerment. Certainly, the adventure of the new motherhood has added to her responsibilities, but she still has time not only to indulge in her love of mountain sports, but also to learn in the passion. His favorite destination is “any mountain peak, but mostly in Wyoming and Colorado”. His favorite Polaris vehicle is the RMK Khaos, and his dream vehicle is the Matrix, which tickles his fancy.

Amy david Comes from Idaho and learned to ski around the same time she learned to walk. Her favorite destination is the nostalgic journey to the taste of memory. Snowmobiling in Pinedale, Wyoming is not only thrilling, it has also been a testing ground for Polaris. His favorite Polaris vehicle is the 2020RMK Pro 850, and his dream vehicle is the Khaos as well. Amy believes that women who represent a brand have a responsibility to be inclusive and true to themselves. “I have to empower myself first before I can empower others,” she says.

Carrie Barton is an Oregon research scientist who appreciates the fact that those who know her from the lab would never believe that she is a motorcyclist of snow and dirt, and likewise, those who see her on rugged trails would never believe. that she is an academic in a lab during the day. She mixes the two using her analytical and systematic approach to her work and her wilder passion. His favorite destination for horseback riding is the Cascades and the Pacific Northwest. His benchmark vehicle is Timbersled Aro 120 LE, but his dream vehicle is a Timbersled Riot. She is particularly impressed with some of the newer models because they were built to “make it easier for little people like me to ride with more comfort and control.” By driving these more modest (but not “girly”) vehicles, she has the opportunity to meet other people who are wondering about the new body style. She said, “There is no magic formula that makes you a snowmobile pilot. I am the common man. “

The thrill of going deep within yourself, and in doing so, reaching the depths of the mountainous terrain of some of the most majestic places on earth, makes the adventure travel made possible by Polaris particularly appealing to all. companion or traveler.

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