Permanent daylight saving time could endanger morning commuters

The article, “Here’s How Permanent Daylight Saving Time Would Impact Sunset and Sunrise Times in Baltimore” (March 16), summarized the first sunset and last sunrise Baltimore would experience as permanent summer time (DST) and the impact of the change in winter holidays. He has done a great job of reducing the potential change that the Sun Protection Act would bring to our city into a simple takeaway. Do politicians voting on the Sunshine Protection Act have such a clear picture of the impact of the changes?

I’m an operational fatigue scientist based in Baltimore, and part of my job is to look at risk as a function of time of day using SAFTE-FAST biomathematical modeling software. Our team used the software to model the one-time change of sunrise and sunset during fall, winter, spring, and summer in five U.S. cities in five different time zones (New York, Chicago , El Paso, Los Angeles and Anchorage). We looked at light exposure during work and commute times for daytime work, high school, and shift work schedules. Shift workers are generally left out of the DST conversation, but make up around 16% of the workforce.

One argument in support of daylight saving time is that darkness contributes to crash risk during evening journeys, so we looked at journey data that overlapped with morning and evening rush hours. evening. Our analysis indicated that darkness during morning rush hours may pose a greater risk due to worker fatigue on the road with day workers and commuting students than darkness during evening peak hours when students are already at home and shift workers go to work.

We also plotted the daylight differences between three daylight saving time arrangements (permanent daylight saving time, permanent standard time, and current system) in the five cities by season versus peak hours and working hours. /school to provide a picture of actual change. to anyone from any of the five US time zones that use daylight saving time to see. A preprint of this scientific analysis can be found at

— Jaime K. Devine, Baltimore

The author is an associate scientist for operational fatigue and performance at the Institute for Behavior Resources, Inc.

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