Paralyzed mountain biker credits Apple Watch for saving his life

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A mountain biker says an Apple Watch helped save his life, allowing him to get help after an accident left him a quadriplegic.

Avid mountain biker Ryan McConnaughey of Spring Valley, Calif., regularly visited the trails at Jamul. However, a daily commute in April resulted in a life-changing accident.

Report the incident to 10San Diego News, McConnaughey explains that the accident took place about 40 minutes into the evening commute. “It was a steep section. My bike came forward and I went over the handlebars, head first into the ground,” he said.

After the impact on his head protected by a helmet, the pilot found himself on his back and immediately understood that this was a serious problem. “I had no downward neck movement,” he explains.

“I knew for sure that I needed to get medical attention as soon as possible. My brain kind of went into survival mode,” he adds. Realizing his iPhone was in his backpack and inaccessible, McConnaughey recalled “I’m wearing my watch.”

Mainly used by the cyclist as a fitness tracker, he used the Apple Watch to ask Siri to call a friend who knew his location. McConaughey and his friend both called 911 for help, with the biker then calling his girlfriend’s voicemail.

“I didn’t know what was going to happen. I just wanted to say goodbye,” he told his girlfriend in the three-minute post.

After he was located and airlifted to hospital, multiple surgeries on his shattered vertebrae in his neck led to him being diagnosed as a quadriplegic. After months in a spinal cord rehabilitation center in Colorado, McConnaughey has since returned home.

“This watch saved my life. No doubt about it. No one would ever find me. I never thought I’d use an Apple Watch to make a life-saving phone call,” McConnaughey concludes.

McConnaughey’s story is the latest to proclaim that the Apple Watch has helped save lives. In January, an Apple Watch made an automatic emergency call to police in Hermosa Beach, after a man took a hard fall from an e-bike, while in September 2021 it called an ambulance for a man in Singapore following a hit-and-run. incident.

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