Overton flood victim speaks of life-saving rescue

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) — Two people were rescued from a flash flood in Overton this week and the rescue was all caught on camera, tonight one of the victims talks about the terrifying ordeal.

Steven Wasson has lived in southern Nevada for over 50 years and never thought he would be caught in a flash flood.

The Boulder City resident was driving with his girlfriend on the outskirts of Overton on Wednesday. It was around 1am and they were hoping to find a place at a campsite, but everything was under water. He tried to park on high ground but a wall of water was heading towards them.

“In five minutes or less the water was up to the door handles, in a few minutes it was a foot from the windshield. I was in water up to my shoulders, the steering wheel was gone, I couldn’t even see it,” Wasson said.

The subsequent rescue was filmed.

Whitewater ground crews were dealing with a different rescue nearby. It would have been too risky to rope the couple out for them to know they had to call Metro’s helicopter.

“I’m disabled, my girlfriend is disabled and there was no way I could get out in that water. It would have swept me away,” Wasson said.

They waited at least two hours in cold water. The chief pilot said the LVMPD search and rescue helicopter had a “weather window” where he could safely get to the scene.

Wasson said the water was so loud he had to speak to officers via his cell phone. His girlfriend was terrified.

“Scream, totally scream. I couldn’t silence her haha. I don’t know if it was all happening so fast, what are you saying, your life is flashing before your eyes,” Wasson said.

A rescuer helped free his girlfriend’s leg, together they were hoisted by the helicopter. The pilot had to maneuver a certain way in order to get Wasson out safely.

“So the helicopter right by the high voltage wires, he had to take me out and then back up and he did a terrific job,” Wasson said.

When Wasson hit the ground, he collapsed, feeling weak and shaken.

“I started crying, I started crying when I hit the ground,” Blanco said.

Bryan Woolard was the pilot flying that night.

“Everyone feels good there. You know the ones we can get out there we can do them the way you know we wanted to do them, there’s no surprises, they’re the best to be on,” Woolard said.

This van was Wasson’s only means of transportation. He sits in a tow yard in Mesquite. He hopes to receive help in finding another handicapped van. To reach him, you can contact him by email.

He is grateful to be alive and to turn 70 next month.

“Relief and thank you. Thanks thanks. I mean I thought I was going to die, I really did,” Wasson said.

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