OSMH is first in Canada with new time-saving tracking technology

“This is an incredible win for patients,” says an OSMH official, noting that “less time searching for equipment means staff spend more time with patients”

Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital (OSMH) is implementing a GE Healthcare equipment tracking system that officials say will improve patient experience, reduce wait times and support healthcare providers in Their efforts.

A first in Canada, GE Healthcare’s real-time location system uses a tracking system called EncompassTM, with tracking beacons and inventory tags placed on ward walls and on medical equipment.

A cloud-based Bluetooth and Wi-Fi tracking system then allows healthcare workers to determine the exact location of equipment via their workstations or mobile phones, wherever they are in the hospital .

The new system will save staff hours of time locating equipment, officials said.

“In a nutshell, we can instantly find any of our assets anywhere in this building,” said Tom Roberts, chief financial officer and executive vice president of business services at OSMH. ‘What that means is gone, it’s the days of going through multiple units trying to find a missing wheelchair. Gone are the days of sending emails to every department trying to locate a blood pressure cuff. »

While testing the new system, Jo-Anne Chandler, director of material management at the OSMH, said staff were able to locate a bladder scanner much faster than through traditional means.

“We (tested) the traditional way of calling each department, looking for it, then going to pick it up, and this exercise took about 40 minutes,” Chandler said. OrilliaMatters. “Then we did the test with the new system, and they were able to locate it in three minutes, and someone had to go straight to that room and pick it up. It was a huge time-saving initiative.

Officials said the technology will lead to better experiences for patients, in addition to making work more efficient for hospital staff.

“It’s also an incredible win for patients,” Roberts said. “Simply put, less time looking for equipment means staff spend more time with patients. This improves the patient experience and leads to better patient outcomes.

Mark Riczu, executive director of the OSMH Foundation, praised the new equipment.

“People need (equipment), they borrow it, they share it between departments, they forget to return it, because we’re all human after all… With real-time location of all equipment portable medical essentials, the equipment our donors invest in will have greater use,” Riczu explained.

In addition to location tracking, the new system stores data that will help extend the life of medical equipment.

“It will tell us the last preventive maintenance (of the equipment) and the date of the next due date so that we can be maintained. We also have our current acquisition dates here, so we know how old this equipment is, and then we can start planning for future capital (for when) we need to start replacing equipment,” the logistics supervisor said. Shannon Gray. .

“A lot of times when you don’t have an accurate database, you can’t keep those logs, you don’t know when something was taken care of.”

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