Opinion | Trump is not the obstacle to coronavirus aid. Pelosi is.

“No, I don’t care,” Pelosi asserted, and repeatedly accused Blitzer of being an “apologist” for Trump throughout the interview. It was a laughable accusation, meant to obscure the fact that the truthful answer was yes – that’s exactly what it is. Americans in trouble don’t care whose name is on the check. They just need the money. But Pelosi seems less concerned with getting them the help they need than with preventing Trump from sharing the credit for a bipartisan solution. Otherwise, why turn down multiple GOP offers for Covid relief? In July, Senate Republicans Free $ 1.1 trillion, including $ 300 billion in stimulus checks to Americans, $ 200 billion to help small businesses, $ 110 billion in unemployment benefits and $ 105 billion in aid to states and to local governments. In September, the White House raised the offer of $ 1.6 trillion. In October, the president increases over $ 1.8 trillion. But Pelosi firmly refused, insisting on $ 2.2 trillion or nothing. Twice Senate Republicans attempted to pass more limited $ 500 billion bills, but the democrats obstruction both. Why not take one of these offers? The only logical answer is that any stimulus would have boosted the economy ahead of the election, and Pelosi was prepared to drive the economy into a ditch to hurt Trump.

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