My Hero Academia’s Deku vs Lemillion Rivalry Is Now Beyond Saving

Contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 366!Although she has already been sidelined for years, the rivalry between Deku and Lemillion in my hero academia just received the final nail in his coffin, as a “triumph” from Lemillion confirms he’s no longer in the running for any serious comparison to Deku.

When first introduced, my hero academia immediately portrayed Lemillion as an upper class man who was way beyond Deku, and not just because he was older. What initially separated Deku from his classmates and other heroes was that his body originally couldn’t acclimate to One For All, with him succumbing to a freakish severe injury each time. he was trying to unleash his power. But Lemillion had similar issues, and yet he overcame them and did it on his own, while Deku needed help from others. Readers later learned that Lemillion was originally chosen as All Might’s successor, with some professional heroes considering him the most worthy candidate long after Deku had acquired One For All.


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But after Lemillion lost his quirk, and following other subsequent developments, this compelling rivalry quickly fell by the wayside, and My Hero Academia Chapter 366 by mangaka Kohei Horikoshi has just sealed the fate of Lemillion. After all of his attempts to keep his opponent Tomura Shigaraki at bay fail, Lemillion resorts to moon Shigaraki, an embarrassing display that is enough to surprise him for Lemillion’s former rival Deku to save the day.

Lemillion became comic relief

Lemillion resorting to this goofy tactic at such a pivotal moment underscores how far his character (and his rivalry with Deku) has fallen. It’s clear that fans should no longer view him as a true competitor to Deku, whose lack of innate quirkiness allowed him to wield One For All better than anyone else. While All Might initially granted Deku’s Heroic Spirit-based Quirk, Deku’s unique situation means he can exploit everything the quirks of its predecessors. If Lemillion had acquired One For All as originally intended, he would have only been able to use Permeation and One For All, not the many others Deku now has at his disposal. This reality made it clear that Deku was the best possible successor to All Might, but Lemillion’s more recent characterization keeps the two from looking like comparable heroes who both deserved the oddity on their own merits.

In the most recent chapter, my hero academia ignores the chance to remind fans that Lemillion was once considered worthy of the honor – for example, having him break new ground yet again with his “useless” permeation quirk to fight Tomura Shigaraki. Instead, the chapter chooses to emphasize his sense of humor – admittedly a defining quality – which would make anyone watching happy that Deku won One For All instead. my hero academia pulled a lot of drama from the fact that upgrading Deku meant Lemillion didn’t get the chance to use Quirk (perhaps more skillfully.) Unfortunately for the character, my hero academia seems to have moved past that concept, and while it’s an appropriate choice to have him delay Shigaraki with such a dumb tactic, it does mean that Lemillion vs. Deku is likely past the point of being taken seriously.

My Hero Academia Chapter 366 is available now from Viz Media.

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