Mutual fund organization expands advisory board with three nationally recognized healthcare business leaders

PINECREST, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Group Saving Organization (The GSO) today announced the appointment of three new members to its Advisory Board. With decades of experience leading healthcare and hospitals, the new advisory members will help support the organization’s growth and continued innovation of services and technology designed to improve outcomes for healthcare organizations. health.

New board members include:

  • Vance B. Moore – Director of Omnicell, a company transforming the pharmacy care delivery industry. Moore has held leadership positions for some of the nation’s most respected healthcare organizations, including Mercy Healthcare, Baxter International, Cardinal Health and the healthcare division of UPS Logistics Group.
  • Anne Pumpian – Former senior vice president and chief financial officer of Sharp HealthCare in San Diego. Pumpian also serves on the Sharp Health Plan Board and the State of California Department of Managed Health Care Financial Solvency Standards Board.
  • Robert J. Maloney, Jr. – Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Erlanger Health Systems. Maloney has held several key leadership positions in numerous health systems, including Chief Operating Officer at Mercy Health Anderson and Chief Operating Officer at Frankfurt Regional Medical Center.

“Vance, Ann and Robert are driving forces in the hospital industry and bring incredible experience as we grow our services and technology that are unmatched in cost savings and revenue generation,” said Scott Robins, President- CEO and Founder of The GSO. “Not only are they highly experienced, but they all share our passion for eradicating wasteful and unnecessary spending in healthcare systems so that costs go down, revenues go up and leadership can focus on better patient care. patients.”

The current model of Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) simply saves money through group purchasing under a one-size-fits-all approach. The GSO has reimagined hospital purchasing and is already creating unprecedented savings and revenue. Using its proprietary technology platform, The GSOhub, as its foundation, the company connects hospitals with GSO affiliates who have specialized capabilities in over 100 medical and non-medical spend categories for better contracting, asset management and employee-driven costs. savings initiatives. For an average-sized healthcare system, the GSO model will save an average of nearly $6 million and generate $300,000 in new revenue per year.

“What’s compelling about the GSO model is that it applies the specialized model we use in clinical care to hospital purchasing, bringing more focus, expertise and rigor to reap savings,” said Vance B. Moore, director of Omnicell. “Health care has a perpetual chronic disease when it comes to spending, and it requires a specialized model for best outcomes. I am excited to work with the GSO to help organizations regain control of these expenses in an ethical way with lasting results.

Hospital purchases through GPO models have not changed in over 100 years. Today, many hospitals are facing unprecedented cost increases across all purchasing categories, requiring new and innovative approaches to how they spend on medical and non-medical services and goods. With the help of its new advisors, the GSO plans to leverage its innovative model and the technology of the GSOhub to have an even greater impact within the industry.

“I look forward to advising the GSO at a time when healthcare executives continue to face increased costs and reimbursement cuts,” said Ann Pumpian, former senior vice president and chief financial officer of Sharp. HealthCare. “Reducing and controlling operating costs is paramount today and the GSO model reinvents the way this is done, not only proving it saves money and generating revenue, but also expanding the knowledge base that enables hospitals to achieve long-term results for their expenses.”

“Working with the GSO, I have seen the positive impact first hand and believe its value proposition will ultimately benefit many organizations as the industry as a whole continues to face an unprecedented need to prioritize cost savings,” said Robert J. Maloney, Jr., executive vice president. President and Chief Operating Officer, Erlanger Health Systems. “I look forward to working with the GSO as it successfully addresses the internal challenges of hospital supply groups and individuals who historically have not embraced change. Hospitals cannot afford to miss an opportunity to implement something so successful and risk free.

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The GSO is changing the way hospitals do business and turning overspending into savings and revenue-generating opportunities. The company connects hospitals to GSO affiliates using its industry-leading GSOhub technology, proven to save hospitals millions of dollars on essential medical and non-medical goods and services. For more information and to learn more about GSO’s capabilities and services, please visit

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