Memphis man teaches vital survival strategies

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – If you were faced with an active shooter, would you know what to do? Having a plan in place and knowing how to execute it has become a Memphis man’s mission.

For over 30 years, Bennie Cobb of Eagle Eye Security Services has been dedicated to teaching others what they need to know when faced with danger.

“If you can escape, do it. If you can hide from the attacker, do so. But if you have to fight, get something you can fight with, ”Cobb said.

As part of his course on public security, he breaks it down step by step. Run and hide if possible to get away from an armed attacker, but if you need to defend yourself and fight, use whatever weapon you can.

Collierville officials say that plan of action came into play in Thursday’s deadly mass shooting at the Kroger on Byhalia Road. The gunman, identified as Uk Thang, shot 15 people before turning the gun on him.

Collierville Police Chief Dale Lane said things could have been worse without the quick-wittedness of those who found themselves in Thang’s way.

“The employees and even the customers knew what to do,” Lane said. “It’s running, hiding, fighting. They made sure.

Cobb says even after the police arrive, things can get even worse. He says to make sure your hands are empty, up, and visible when officers approach so they don’t mistake you for the shooter.

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