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NAPLES – The National Festival for the Safeguarding of Human Beings of the Mediterranean will begin tomorrow in Naples until September 4. It will take place at the Maschio Angioino, where those who fight every day to defend the right to life of migrants and refugees will meet. The festival organizers communicated the location with these words. The experiences of all European NGOs involved in search and rescue operations at sea will be heard. With the stories of those who passed through Libyan detention centers and risked their lives at sea, the respected voices of civil society.

Tomorrow, the Festival will honor the memory of Gino Strada, as well as his lifelong companion, Simonetta Gola. On the same day, a round table will take place on the Mediterranean Saving Humans missions carried out at the land (Ukraine) and maritime (Mediterranean) borders. Several workshops will begin on September 2. These workshops will bring together activists, journalists and university professors. In the afternoon, says the note leaked by the organizers of the Festival, there will be a debate on the Italian-Libyan agreements, at 6:30 p.m. David Yambio, spokesperson for Refugees Libya, and Rai journalists, Angela Caponetto and Claudia Di Pasquale, will speak. . Yambio is wanted by the Libyan mafia and currently holds refugee status in Italy.

Saturday 3 September will start with a meeting of all European NGOs operating in the Mediterranean to talk about the ‘Civilian Fleet’, the civil fleet of ships of the international society engaged in this effort. At 12:00 there will be the presentation of the book by author Alex Zanotelli, entitled ‘Letter to the White Tribe’. It will be followed by a peaceful demonstration against the Italo-Libyan agreements which will begin its march at 4 p.m. from Maschio Angioino to Piazza Plebiscito. After that, at 6.30 p.m., there will be a discussion against the war with the participation, among others, of the Archbishop of Naples, Don Mimmo Battaglia, Giuditta Pini, head of Mediterranea, symbol of the Riace model, Mimmo Lucano, president of Banca Etica, Anna Fasano and the mayor of Bologna Matteo Lepore.

“The part of Italy fighting hatred will meet and meet in Naples – explained Laura Marmorale of Mediterranean Saving Humans – it will be a celebration for the city but at the same time it will be an opportunity to exchange ideas at a historic moment when our country has enormous responsibilities in the lives of people fleeing war around the world and seeking refuge in Europe. Naples will be our start-up for the future”.

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