maybe last year americans will change their clocks

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) — There’s no doubt that people across America are tired of stepping back and leaping forward. Despite decades of deliberation on Capitol Hill, a Senate proposal to end daylight saving time awaits a vote in the House. Proponents say this would put DST to bed for good. They call it the “Sunshine Protection Act” and the Senate unanimously approved it in March. The citizens of Lubbock we spoke to unanimously agree that resetting the clocks twice a year is outdated.

A citizen of Lubbock said: ‘I understand it was important years and years ago for farmers and so on. Now it’s just time to make a decision, and let’s choose one or the other.

Originally, daylight saving time was introduced to ensure that agricultural workers had enough daylight in the field. Now, with new technology, people think it’s not as necessary, especially for those who have a family and a nine-to-five job.

Another Lubbock citizen said, “I work all day and come home at half past five and we’re trapped in the house so I don’t spend time outside with them.

For others, summer time makes it harder to reach loved ones.

Another Lubbock citizen said: ‘Every time I call overseas my family is confused. We are ten hours apart. Every six months I have to tell them that the weather has changed and they forget.

The Sunshine Protection Act stands at the House desk, so the question remains, will Americans change their clocks in 2023?

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