Local rescue team speak out after rescue operation

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — A story of local heroes saving another life. We’re talking about the Magic Valley Special Ops Rescue Team.

The incident in question happened on January 28 just before dark when the rescue team received a call about an injured climber near Shoshone Falls.

The team says working after dark, as well as in non-ploughed areas, made it difficult to locate the patient. Rescuers say the individual fell 30 feet when he lost his grip on his ice pick.

After finding the patient, it was difficult to find a way for the teams to secure a system to get the injured climber to safety.

“I was at the bottom of the waterfall, I built the main system there, so even though the waterfall is frozen, there is still moving water under the ice,” said Brian Stone, one members of the EOR who answered the call that evening. . “And so it comes out, you get this water mist, even though it’s 8 degrees.”

After the injured climber was pulled to a safe area, Air St. Luke’s was able to land in the canyon and take them to hospital.

The SORT team would like to remind everyone to be careful on their outdoor adventures, accidents can and will happen and to let others know when and where you are going.

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