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The centuries-old debate over daylight saving time continues to ignite the hearts of people in North Queensland, with Katter’s Australian party launching a parliamentary petition in hopes of fixing the issue for good.

However, the KAP petition calls on the Queensland Parliament to formally recognize the impact that any introduction of daylight saving time would have on residents of northern, central and western Queensland.

KAP chief and Traeger MP Robbie Katter said livability in the north, and particularly the northwest, would be eroded by daylight saving time due to the sweltering heat in the area and of its impacts on daily life.

“In summer, over 40 degree days are the norm in North and West Central Queensland, with sunrise around 6:15 am and sunset around 7:30 pm in Mount Isa during these months,” a- he declared.

“Moving the sunrise to 7.15am and sunset to 8.30pm would mean the outdoors would be stuffy until bedtime.

“Brisbane has never taken the pressure from the north for a separate state seriously, but now they’re stealthily dividing us with this annual campaign to forget the rest of the state and do what Brisbane wants with daylight saving time . ”

Queensland Farmers’ Federation chief executive Dr Georgina Davis said that despite the political and social debate every year, she has yet to see strong evidence on the benefits and costs of using the summer time in Queensland.

“Based on the average daily sunshine hours data, we know that North Queensland will not benefit from a time zone adjustment unlike South East Queensland, where the ability to participate in activities in the open. Afternoon air is often cited, ”she said.

“We also understand the frustrations that flow from disparate trading and school hours for those who live and work on the NSW-QLD border.

“Considering the size of Queensland, any adjustment for daylight saving time may have to happen somewhere around Rockhampton, which simply shifts the problems caused by an arbitrary line on a map to another location.”

Hinchinbrook MP Nick Dametto said he was disappointed with the latest research from the University of Queensland, which showed strong support for daylight saving time in the state.

“Researchers have found that 70 percent of Brisbane residents and 60 percent of Queenslanders want daylight saving time,” he said.

“It may be, but I wonder how many of those 60 percent of favorable Queenslanders live in the South East corner.

“Any government in Queensland would consider introducing daylight saving time at its peril and we are politely warning them with this petition.”

This story Katter’s Crusade to Stop the Daylight Saving Time first appeared on The North West Star.
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