Jurassic World Dominion Bizarrely Helped A Box Office Bomb Make Some More Money

As the folks at Bloody Disgusting noticed, “Firestarter,” which originally hit theaters on May 13 and was all but completely forgotten about a month later, saw a shocking 732.8% increase in box revenue. -office in its fifth weekend, grossing $833,340 from 150 theaters the same weekend that “Jurassic World Dominion” finally came to life, earning $145 million and dethroning “Top Gun: Maverick” for the top spot charts. It turns out that those two numbers are directly correlated because Universal sold tickets for what was billed as a two-for-one double feature on ticketing sites such as Fandango.

So, as a result, “Firestarter” added nearly $1 million to its total seemingly out of nowhere, leaving it with just over $14 million worldwide. The film received terrible reviews from the start and premiered on Peacock the same day it hit theaters. On the surface, it looked like Universal was ready to call this one a loss and move on. But they decided to do one last little creative cash grab before wrapping it up.

The really interesting thing is that the dual function has been brought mainly by drive-ins across the country, which explains the solid average of $5,555 per screen from just 150 screens. Major movie chains certainly wouldn’t agree to dub features like this on the opening weekend of a major blockbuster, as the goal is to fit in as many screenings as possible to get the most out of it. . Drive-ins, on the other hand, have a bit more flexibility. Universal has used this to its advantage rather cleverly.

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