Illinois Leaks | Two Chicago VA employees, others charged; Fraudulent Obtaining of Funds –


The Federal Grand Jury for the Northern District of Illinois delivered two True Bills last week.

The first true indictment names the following defendants:

  • Kimberly A. Dyson, Prosthetic Clerk and Purchasing Agent for the United States Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Irvin R. Lucas, IV, owner of a medical supplies company headquartered in Romeoville, IL

According to the indictment, Dyson and Lucas knowingly conspired to commit an offense against the United States, namely:

  • gave, offered or promised payments to Dyson, a public official
  • request, seek, receive, accept or accept payments personally from Lucas
  • Dyson accepted at least $ 39,850 in payments from Lucas
  • Read the full indictment HERE

The second true indictment names the following defendants:

  • Andrew Lee, Prosthetic Clerk and Purchasing Agent for the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, and also Agent for Plum Blossom Group, Inc.
  • Darren A. Smith, ran a company based in Bolingbrook, IL. who distributed medical supplies for the VA, as well as the president and secretary of a company headquartered in Hazel Crest, IL

According to this indictment, Lee and Smith knowingly:

  • conceive, intend to conceive and participate in a scheme to defraud and obtain money and property from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs
  • caused fraudulent overpayments for equipment to Smith’s Company A in the amount of at least $ 1,381,285
  • in return for covert bribes, Lee placed orders with Smith’s Company A that were below the micro-purchase threshold to avoid additional procurement protocols
  • Smith made payments to Lee in the form of cash, direct deposits from Company B, Company C and other persons and entities, and payments from Company C for the mortgage on Lee’s residence in order to to cover up bribes.
  • Smith added Le to Company C’s payroll so that the bribes falsely appear to be for benefit made
  • Lee received at least $ 220,000 in kickbacks
  • read the entire indictment HERE

It is important to remember that all people are considered innocent until proven guilty in court.

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