Homegrown Proptech Platform Boosts Digital Land Sales

Oliver Hume has launched a new Proptech platform, allowing buyers to pay down payments online, without going to a sales office.

The announcement:

A real estate innovation in the COVID-19 era has ticked off more than 850 online transactions while helping buyers adapt to the challenges of lockdowns, social distancing and health protocols.

Leading real estate services group Oliver Hume launched their online direct deposit technology platform in April 2020 in collaboration with Villawood at their Redstone estate in Sunbury.

The platform, which allows buyers to make down payments on new blocks of land without meeting a representative or going to a sales office, has accounted for 12% of all Oliver Hume transactions since its launch.

Oliver Hume CEO Julian Coppini said the company has moved quickly to overcome restrictions and pandemic-proof sales processes.

“The platform creates a seamless transaction between the project website, CRM and interactive master plan, ensuring that inventory is always online and only available lots can be purchased,” Coppini said.

“Buying land has gone from being a physical exercise to a digital experience thanks to technological innovations and changes in buyer behavior.

“Transactions now take place remotely online anytime, any day, anywhere – with some finalizing their transaction between 12pm and 6am.

“Oliver Hume is innovating so that buyers can deposit fully online in a transparent way that works for them and that respects health and safety protocols.

“Buying land is now a 24/7 industry and digital platforms like our online direct deposit are making sales more convenient and secure than ever. “

Oliver Hume, operations manager for project marketing Darren Blair, said the platform continued to gain momentum as COVID-19 accelerated digital transformation in most industries.

“Online sales now represent a significant proportion of all of our offerings and we expect them to become even more prevalent in the future,” said Mr. Blair.

“Buyers are buying on sight in many cases through the use of renderings, interactive blueprints and now online deposit functionality.

“Buying land can be done with confidence while watching the latest Netflix series.

“The land is accessible and purchasable like never before and the way that online direct deposit has been received by shoppers is very encouraging. “

Source: RGC Media & Marketing

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