Here are the Hawkmoon God Scrolls you should farm The Quest

Yesterday, Bungie finally put live the new quest to farm Hawkmoon Random Rolls, which can be done once on each character for two drops per week, in addition to the first drop which gives you the catalyst, which may be the best part.

The quest was indeed some sort of secret, and although it was somewhat Zero Hour-like in terms of how it was hidden and its difficulty, it might not be all the way. But I still enjoyed it.

Hawkmoon features a unique circumstance for hunting grips, barrels, and perks for the Exotic weapon, and many players aren’t quite sure what they should even be aiming for, or what the “God of God” is. Roll ‘of the weapon. Hawkmoon is a primarily PvP weapon, so what you want is mostly focused on this aspect of the game, and here is what seems to be the general consensus on what you are looking for.


Rangefinder – By far, the benefit I hear most often mentioned for Hawkmoon, as it really increases its range and significantly improves the zoom. Add the catalyst, which gives more runtime (and faster handling and recharging) on ​​Paracausal batteries, and this may be your best option.

Murderous wind – A relatively new perk, Killing Wind gives bonus mobility, maneuverability, and range on kill, and as you can see, it stacks up two of those perks with the catalyst for even bigger boosts. Probably a good number two choice after the range finder, but you’ll have to kill an enemy first to take advantage of it.

Quickly draw – In PvP, a solid advantage if you’re the type of person who always runs with Felwinter (like most of the PvP community) so you can jump in there for a shootout quickly.

Eye of the storm – An underrated perk in PvP, which can help you win shootouts due to its increased accuracy as your health drops. At least give it a try.

Surplus – Along with handling, reload speed, and stability bonuses with all abilities, this also stacks with catalyst, and will require you to conserve most of your abilities for it to really work.

Moving target – It’s kind of a controller-only advantage that can benefit gamers out there, but not so much on PC with mouse and keyboard.

Opening shot – Okay, some say it’s an oversight, so I added it. I’m guessing that has an added benefit here due to an essentially ‘free’ stack of Paracausal that you can get with a headshot.

In conclusion, honestly, it’s hard to go wrong. RIP if you get a hipfire take, mostly.


Hammer forged stripes – The barrel which gives you increased range without inconvenience, blends well with the range finder for high range on the pistol.

Fluted barrel – Handling is already excellent on Hawkmoon, but I really like it anyway for a lot of hand cannons. Not bad.

Smallbore – Moderate increase in range and stability without inconvenience.

Rifling corkscrew – A bit of everything, maneuverability, stability and autonomy.

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Polymer handle – A good boosted handling.

Smooth handle – Small boost for both handling and stability.

Combat grip – This one is largely a matter of personal preference, but some people like the way it changes recoil control. Others don’t.

In short, it’s probably harder to get a really bad roll on Hawkmoon whether it’s a good roll or a good roll, so good hunting. See you there.

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