Has Michigan Really Lost a Place in Congress Because of the Census?

New U.S. Census Report 2020 forces Michigan to lose a seat in Congress. And a voice in the Electoral College. It’s a big problem. But more than a dozen members of the USHouse of Representatives aren’t so sure the census numbers are that accurate.

They are jointly send a letter to the Secretary of Commerce, Gina Raimondo, on this subject. They believe there may have been inappropriate political interference in the census report. And they point the accusing finger at President Jo Biden and his administration.

None of the Republican members of the US House of Representatives signing the indictment letter are from Michigan. Kentucky Representative James Comer is the senior member of the United States House Oversight Committee. He’s leading the charge.

Republicans cite discrepancies or changes between congressional seats that some predominantly conservative states were previously expected to win and the now final numbers released last week. They also highlight how preliminary figures showed that some liberal-leaning states were on the verge of losing seats, either stagnating or taking seats.

Something is wrong, they say. And their communication to the Secretary of Commerce makes it clear that they believe there is a slimy political game affecting the final numbers.

“Even as President Trump sought to ensure the accuracy of the 2020 census distribution results by excluding illegal aliens from the distribution tally, President Biden turned the tide, deciding to dilute the representative interests of citizens Americans by canceling this common sense measure. Several liberal states with sanctuary policies might have lost more seats in Congress if illegal immigrants had not been included in the allocation base.

Republicans say the Commerce Department runs the show for every decennial census. But when they initially asked department employees about the 2020 numbers, they were fired to the White House. This adds to their concerns about President Biden’s administration playing with the numbers.

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