Earn money with your money. Three ways to cash out

PHOENIX – We know how hard it is to stretch your dollars lately.

While inflation may be bad for borrowers, it’s actually good news for some savers.

The banks are finally increasing part of their savings and current account interest rates.

Fitness Bank takes a unique approach to savings.

At 3.5%, the online bank offers one of the highest interest rates for savings accounts.

You can get 3.6% if you add verification.

But you’re going to have to work to get it.

It is based on the number of steps you take per day.

The more exercise, the better the rate.

On average 12,500 or more days in a month, that 3.6% is yours.

As the steps go down, the rate goes down.

Below 5,000, you are at 0.5%.

You also need 10 debit card purchases and a balance of $10 if you don’t want a fee.

Check out the offer and read the fine print.

Also check banks for new customer bonuses.

TD Bank will give you $200 for a new checking account and a direct deposit of at least $500 within the first 60 days.

They give $300 if that deposit is at least $2,500.

Learn more about TD Bank rules.

Chase Bank gives you $200 for a new check and direct deposit in 90 days.

Learn more about this offer.

BMO Harris Bank will give you up to $350 for opening a checking account.

This maximum amount requires $7,500 in direct deposits in the first 90 days.

Less deposits means less bonuses.

Check any other requirements.

If you have extra money and more time, government-backed treasury bonds pay more.

Interest on 2-year treasury bills is over 4% on the last check.

You lock it in at the time of purchase and interest is paid every 6 months.

There are also treasury bonds and treasury bonds depending on your short and long term goals.

Read all about the risks before investing.

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