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Chicago rapper Donnie Dee Money works hard.

After taking a year off after the death of his younger brother, the rapper said in an interview with The Harvard Crimson that he was focusing on the goal of increasing his streams and strengthening his brand.

Donnie Dee Money made his comeback with the single “Your Blessing”, which was released on November 1st.

The rapper shared that he decided to return to music once he rediscovered his self-confidence in his quill. Grieving over the death of her younger brother contributed to anxiety over the performance and lyric writing, according to Dee Money.

“I lost my little brother and life in general has stopped,” said the rapper. “I stopped recording. I would book a five to six hour studio session and stay 30 minutes, but now I’m leaving. I’m not leaving and I’m fighting for it.

A self-imposed exile earlier this year gave Dee Money time to recover and plan for his return to music.

“In September and October of this year, I separated from the others to concentrate again,” he said. “I had to mentally pull myself together. So I got away from a lot of things and a lot of people and went back to grind mode. “

Since his return, Dee Money has instituted a daily studio schedule and has started working with a Chicago PR company to promote his music.

“I’m in the studio if not every day, every other day of course,” he said. “It gets better and better with anxiety. At this point, I’m just going with it. I don’t run away from him, I run towards him.

The rapper started making music in 2012 while studying at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. Following a positive response to his first song on campus and in his Westside Chicago neighborhood, Dee Money knew he wanted to be a rapper.

“Because of the response from the first song, I was like, ‘Let me try again just to see if I was lucky or not,’ he said. “When I tried again it wasn’t just a matter of luck, it was a matter of skill and I’ve kept going ever since. “

After embarking on a musical career, Dee Money began to adapt to his distinct musical style which blends punchy lyricism and melodic production.

Other Chicago rappers such as platinum artist Lil Durk and the late Juice WRLD have helped popularize melodic rap globally. Donnie Dee Money says he turned to melody because it’s what comes most naturally to him.

“It’s like poetry to me,” the rapper said. “It’s like I’m reading my newspaper. I let the world in and I give the world my mind. I let you enter my world. It’s just natural.

Dee Money’s melodic style is fully on display in “Your Blessing,” which the rapper wrote about a bad breakup. The hook and lyrics of the track are the product of his stream of conscience writing style and an acceptance of his emotions, according to the rapper.

“It was all real feelings, real vibes,” he said. “This song is definitely a testimony in itself. I don’t have the same dark cloud over me anymore, but I can still write this kind of music.

Thanks to a mutual friend, Dee Money signed with Chicago music video director Free Fam to shoot the video “Your Blessing,” which premiered alongside the song. Free Fam recently made videos for Chicago artists DCG Shun and DCG Bsavv which blew up last summer and are currently touring with G Herbo.

Returning to music, Dee Money is also working hard to give back to Chicago’s Westside, where he was born and raised. Last month, the rapper hosted a Thanksgiving charity event for his neighborhood, which included a turkey drive and clothing donations.

“We had tables, music and a soccer game setup,” the rapper said. “It was a very friendly environment for everyone to come in as you see fit and leave as you see fit. Eat what you like, take the clothes you need, it was a real pleasure.

Dee Money said he also plans to hold a toy drive in December.

The rapper’s next single “Show Me You Real” was released on December 10th.

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