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The online student license test for Class D (passenger vehicles) and Class M (motorcycles) is now available to New Yorkers statewide.

The announcement comes after the launch of an online license application pilot program last year. The new service allows New Yorkers to begin the permit application process and take the test from home, saving the customer time at the DMV office.

“As we continue to reinvent the future in a post-pandemic world, we must focus on modernizing and improving the way we provide essential government services to New Yorkers,” Governor Andrew Cuomo said. .“This new online license test will make it faster and easier for New Yorkers to begin the learner’s license application process from the comfort of their own home, improving the overall customer experience while reducing congestion.” in the DMV offices. “

Taking and passing the online license test does not allow a person to drive. After passing the online test, the candidate must always go to the DMV office to obtain their learner’s license.

To ensure that customers bring all the documents they need to the DMV office, the new online application provides a checklist of necessary identification documents and requires customers to upload these documents before they can take the license test in. line. At participating offices, the DMV representatives will then review the documents prior to the client’s appointment and advise the client if any corrections are needed, to ensure that the client’s experience in the DMV office is as short and seamless as possible.

Before taking the license test, the DMV encourages all customers to review the driver’s manual and take practical tests. Once a customer is ready to take the online test, they will first be asked to sign in to their NY.GOV ID account or create one if they don’t already have one. The online learner’s permit test takes an average of 30 minutes. After successfully completing the online test, applicants will be asked to make a reservation so that they can visit a DMV office to have their picture taken and complete the application process.

All uploaded documents must be brought to the appointment. The documents must be originals or certified true copies. Successful applicants have two years from the time they pass the test to schedule a DMV reservation and complete the application process.

All applicants must take the test without any outside help. A parent or guardian must supervise the test for 16 and 17 year olds, and then must accompany the candidate to the DMV to complete the application process and certify that they have supervised the test.

In addition to the online license test, the DMV launched an online vehicle registration pilot program last fall. New Yorkers who live in the following counties – New York, Kings, Queens, Bronx, Richmond, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland, Albany, and Onondaga – can register their vehicles online, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, vans, trailers and recreational vehicles Vehicles. The DMV will work with county clerks who operate DMV offices in the other 51 counties to extend this service to their clients.

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Santa Barbara cops and dispatcher save man’s life after drug overdose Tue, 04 May 2021 04:12:22 +0000

What is fair

SANTA BARBARA, Calif .– Quick-acting officers from the Santa Barbara Police Department and a calm, composed dispatcher helped save the life of a resident on Friday morning after he allegedly overdosed on drugs.

The Santa Barbara Combined Communications Center said it received a frantic 911 call around 9.45am asking for help on the first block of Wade Court in Santa Barbara. The caller said her boyfriend was unresponsive on the bathroom floor, possibly suffering from an opioid overdose.

Officer Matthew Carlisle and Automotive Officer Edward Kasper immediately responded to the call to provide emergency assistance. As officers and paramedics were on their way, police said dispatcher Devyn Johnson stayed on the phone with the woman and instructed her on how to perform CPR and other life-saving medical techniques.

Dispatcher Devyn Johnson

Constable Carlisle reportedly arrived at the scene before paramedics and City Fire. He said he entered the house and found props used for smoking opioids on the floor. Carlisle brought his child from trauma first aid to the unresponsive man and determined he was suffering from an overdose. The officer then administered two doses of naloxone (Narcan) which immediately revived the man. The resident reportedly resumed breathing and became more responsive.

The man was eventually taken to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital for treatment and is expected to make a full recovery. He is said to have expressed his gratitude to Officer Carlisle, Motor Office Kasper and Dispatcher Johnson for saving his life.

Santa Barbara Police said all officers were professionally trained to recognize the symptoms of an opioid overdose and to administer the life-saving drug, Naloxone. The ministry requires officers to take naloxone with them during their shift. Drugs have saved many lives as officers are the first on the scene during medical emergencies.

Police department dispatchers are also specially trained to provide emergency medical instructions to people in the community who call while others are suffering from a medical emergency. The ministry said the instructions have helped save countless lives over the years.

Lifestyle / Santa Barbara – South County

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COVID help: Israel to send rescue supplies to India Tue, 04 May 2021 04:01:49 +0000

Israel will send rescue supplies to India throughout the week to help it fight the coronavirus, according to a statement released here.

The medical equipment to be sent to India includes oxygen generators and respirators.

The equipment will be delivered via a series of flights throughout the week starting Tuesday, the press release said.

“India is one of Israel’s closest and most important friends. We support India, especially during these difficult times India is going through, and send rescue material to our Indian brothers and sisters, ”Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi said in a statement.

“Israel and India share strategic ties that cover a wide range of political, security and economic issues. India is one of the most important countries for Israel at large on the international stage and particularly in Asia- Pacific, “said the foreign minister, adding that the emergency aid is an” expression of deep friendship “between the two countries.

He thanked everyone who cooperated in putting together the complete package.

The economic division of Israel’s Foreign Ministry reportedly engaged in key economic bodies including Israel-India Chamber of Commerce, Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce, Israel Manufacturers Association, Federation of Chambers of Commerce and the Israel Export Institute for the aid program.

Separately, Amdocs announced a donation of 150 oxygen generators, which will be sent to India as part of the Israeli aid program, the press release said.

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) has also reportedly joined Israel’s aid efforts and donated oxygen generators and other equipment.

“We recall that at the start of the coronavirus crisis last year, India mobilized to help Israel and within this framework approved the aerial delivery of masks, gloves and raw materials for drugs to Israel. and also helped organize the repatriation of Israeli citizens, ”the statement said.

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Teenager gives college savings after winning scholarship Tue, 04 May 2021 03:41:00 +0000

He saved up for college. But after getting a scholarship, he helps in the education of another student

Let’s make sure we go into your portal and open your Sin Gauge Book at ST Charles West High School. I want you to use this capture tool. Perhaps one of the best teachers is just a student. He just has a heart for people. Figure 4 12 Matrix Josh Nelson, 18, is about to graduate. I plan to go to the Southeast State of Missouri and take their pre-optometry programs where I will be majoring in Biomedical Sciences. So in this type of organization, what Josh didn’t say was that Simo offered him a scholarship. Any of these creative outlets that will happen when you are a great student. You are a three-year-old college basketball player. Always be yourself and your chair of the school’s Multicultural Achievement Committee. Its mission is to encourage students of color to maximize their potential and become ready for college and career. Honestly, I feel like if you are a member of this program, they are working on resume writing, interview skills and even strategies for their college admissions tests, be sure of this. that you bring to the table. But all of that preparation couldn’t prepare students or teachers for Josh’s recent announcement. I was really blown away because I didn’t expect you to follow me this week, Josh saved over $ 1000 for college. But since getting a scholarship, he decided to use his savings to help another student go to college. I think he’s an inspiration to some of the other people in the school, especially the students of color, I don’t even think he realizes that he does so much for everyone too. I just think it’s amazing what he’s doing and it’s really exciting. The students all want to do well on their math and history tests, but Josh just took a character test. I really thought it was important to give back to my community what is important and so much to me over the next few weeks with the help of his parents and teachers he will be accepting applications for this special scholarship With the hope that some donors will make the $ 1000 multiplied honestly. It makes me feel on top of the world the fact that I might just help someone a little bit the way I can just me being so young I don’t know like it makes me feel good and I want to really see others succeed. a high school student with ambition and compassion, preparing to move forward by giving back. We are extremely proud of him.

He saved up for college. But after getting a scholarship, he helps in the education of another student

A generous high school student from Missouri who won a scholarship helps another student go to school. Joshua Nelson plans to study pre-optometry and biomedical sciences at Southeast Missouri State University, KDSK-TV reported . a scholarship, he had saved over $ 1,000 for his studies. But instead, he gives this money to another student for his studies through his own scholarship. “I really thought it was important to give back to my community which has given me so much,” he told the TV station. that others can contribute to the scholarship fund so that the $ 1000 can grow and have even more impact for someone else. Watch the video above to learn more about this story.

A generous high school student from Missouri who won a scholarship helps another student go to school.

Joshua Nelson plans to study pre-optometry and biomedical sciences at Southeast Missouri State University, KDSK-TV reported.

Before the 18-year-old got a scholarship, he had saved over $ 1,000 for his education. But instead, he gives this money to another student for his studies through his own scholarship.

“I really thought it was important to give back to my community which touched me so much,” he told the TV station.

Nelson hopes others can contribute to the scholarship fund so that the $ 1,000 can grow and have even more impact for someone else.

Watch the video above to learn more about this story.

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Sale of Tampa headquarters could save company $ 2 million a year Tue, 04 May 2021 03:40:03 +0000

The sale of its Tampa headquarters will save personnel and professional services company Kforce Inc. up to $ 2 million annually, company executives said Monday evening.

Speaking on a results call with investors, Kforce executives said the sale of its Ybor City office and shifting its workforce to a mix of remote and office workers would give the company greater flexibility in how it operates in a post-COVID-19 world, President Joseph Liberatore said.

“The sale of our head office was announced last week positions us to build a state-of-the-art facility with a smaller real estate footprint, aligned with how work will be performed in the future, by deploying a high-tech, high-touch hybrid operating model, ”said Liberatore .

Last week, Kforce announced it had reached a deal to sell its headquarters for $ 24 million to an undisclosed buyer. He will lease it for up to 18 months while seeking a “smaller, more technological footprint in the Tampa Bay area,” said CFO David Kelly.

Related: Kforce to sell Tampa headquarters and shift employees to hybrid work

Leasing its old headquarters will cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars over those 18 months. After that, it should save the company between $ 1.5 million and $ 2 million per year, Kelly said.

The company plans to use some of that money to increase headcount in its tech sector, particularly domestic tech staffing, which CEO David Dunkel said represented a $ 31 billion market in 2020. The company has approximately 2,200 employees, including more than 600 in Tampa Bay, plus 12,000 other mission consultants around the world.

The broader global shift to digital and remote work environments is one that Dunkel said Kforce is uniquely positioned to take advantage of.

“Companies have dramatically increased their spending on technology over the past decade, and the rate of growth in this market is accelerating,” said Dunkel. “As we look to the future, there is no other single market segment that we would like to focus on.”

For the first three months of 2021, Kforce reported revenue of $ 363.2 million, up both from December and year over year. The company reported net profit of nearly $ 13.3 million, down from December but up year over year.

Kforce stock closed at $ 57.38 per share on Thursday, slightly higher on the day.

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Man who survived bear attack shares his life-saving experience Tue, 04 May 2021 03:12:14 +0000

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) – Following a fatal bear attack in Colorado, a Jefferson County man who survived the attack speaks out. Jon Johnson hopes his story will help those who might encounter a bear.

In August 2019, Johnson and his significant other were in their Pine home having dinner and watching a movie when they heard noises.

“We heard something upstairs, and we thought maybe it was a raccoon,” Johnson said.

He went to investigate and made some noise to scare off what he thought was a raccoon. He soon found himself face to face with a bear in his own home.

Outdoor surveillance video showed the bear and its two cubs. The mother bear was able to use her claw to carefully open a screen door that was used to allow air to circulate around the house.

“I got really big and started to growl and make noise,” Johnson recalls.

He said the bear had turned to leave but his cubs had entered.

“That’s when she turned around and punched me in the nose,” he said. “So I turned around and punched her in the face.

His partner was able to use his baseball bat to hit the bear on the head. The bear then left.

What’s important about this 2019 story is the lesson learned.

“I believe in playing the alpha… staying tall and making a lot of noise, she never got up on her hind legs,” Johnson said. “But she was able to scratch my arms.

Officials say people should try to avoid bears first and keep plenty of distance. But those who are attacked should fight back. Being big and strong will help.

“If I hadn’t… paid attention to my neighbor telling me to grow up and be aggressive 12 years ago, I might not be here,” Johnson said.

It is important to use bear-resistant trash cans in bear country. People will wear bear bombs and horns when hiking – devices designed to annoy and irritate bears.

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13 rescued after sinking boat near Keeywadin Island Tue, 04 May 2021 02:44:00 +0000


There were frightening moments for more than a dozen people after their boat began to sink. Some people on board could not swim.

Naples firefighters rescue teams brought 13 people to shore safely on Sunday, then pulled the boat out of the water on Monday after it sank.

A man from Marco Island had a boat full of friends and family when one of the engines broke. Some people on board had never been on a boat before and could not swim.

The experienced captain didn’t think the waves would swallow his boat, leaving his crew in deep water.

“A lot of people on the boat were a little nervous. They couldn’t swim, ”said Billy Connelly. “I just stayed on the boat and said to everyone, ‘Hold hands. To stay together. to stay together.'”

Connelly won’t be able to save his boat, but he is grateful that he and 12 others survived after a day with friends on the dangerous water.

“The bilge pump is dead; one of the engines died, ”explained Connelly.

Things quickly got worse for the group who were stuck about a mile from Keeywadin Island.

“The waves were actually three to four feet, started coming over the front of the boat, and within two minutes the boat was falling, he got life jackets for everyone,” Connelly said.

Naples firefighters said the boat was completely underwater by the time rescue teams responded to Connelly’s call for help.

“There were several casualties in the water, people in the water,” Lt. William Warren said. “They were kind of hooked on life jackets and coolers”

Everyone was upset, but the owner is looking on the bright side.

“But everyone is fine,” Connelly said. “Thank God.”

Naples firefighters say boaters should always have life jackets on board and a GPS system so you can get help if needed.

“Get yourself a new boat and start a new day tomorrow,” said Connelly.

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Two Kingston first responders receive Medals of Valor for saving children Tue, 04 May 2021 02:34:00 +0000

KINGSTON, Pa .– The gymnasium at the Kingston Recreation Center exploded to applause as the crowd cheered on two first responders.

The Kingston council meeting has been suspended so that Constable Matthew Bonawitz and Deputy Fire Chief Floyd Young can be honored to save two children trapped in a fire at a house on Chester Street in March.

Constable Bonawitz arrived at the scene first at around 3 a.m. and his family learned outside that there were still two children inside. He ran in and saved one of those children from the first floor.

“He came back and the second child was still at home,” said Kingston Mayor Paul Roberts, Jr.

This second child was on the second floor. Agent Bonawitz could not get there because of the flames.

That’s when the Kingston Forty Fort Fire Department arrived.

Deputy Chief Young and Bonawitz saved the second child using Young’s scale.

“Receiving the attention is humbling, but it’s our job, that’s what we’re here for and luckily it worked,” said Chief Young.

“Once the fire department arrived it was a huge relief, and once Chief Young arrived it was a relief,” Bonawitz said.

While the men knew they were honored, they had no idea they would receive the Medal of Valor.

The mayor says Kingston has never given out a Medal of Valor before, but after speaking to heads of both departments, they felt the men deserved it.

The men said that getting the Medal of Valor was an honor.

But what really touched them was a plaque made for them by the children they saved: Kayden and Joseph.

“It was the best. It was better than anything. It was all any public servant could do,” said Chief Young.

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How To Save Money On Auto Insurance In Florida Tue, 04 May 2021 02:31:54 +0000

Photo by Why Kei

By Elena White

Auto insurance costs can vary depending on several factors. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand all of their options, or why the costs go up or down when purchasing auto insurance. Because people feel like auto insurance costs are so high, many choose not to be insured – a risky and dangerous choice.

Driving without insurance can end up costing much more than paying a premium, and this can lead to license suspension and a hefty fine. If a driver continues to drive with a suspended license, he may suffer even more serious consequences.

Additionally, Florida is a flawless state. This means that drivers need to purchase Personal Injury Protection (PIP) which helps cover driver and passenger medical costs if they arise after the driver has paid the deductible. Anyone who has recently paid a medical bill knows how expensive treatment can be. During the purchase auto insurance in florida, these tips can help stretch every dollar more.

Compare multiple quotes

Some people may have unhappy memories of homework, but doing the homework can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year. Although most auto insurance companies offer similar types of coverage, they often calculate costs in different ways. This means that in one region Geico may have the best rates, but in another Allstate may have the lowest rate. It is important to call and compare auto insurance company quotes. Never settle for the first option without investigating comparable quotes from other auto insurance companies.

Add discounts

Once a person has compared the quotes and found an auto insurance policy, it is a good idea to try and stay with the same insurance for the loyalty discount. Many companies offer a percentage savings on the total premium for customers who stay with them for a year or more.

However, a loyalty discount is just one of the many savings options offered by most companies. Other common discounts include:

  • Good student discounts
  • Multi-policy discounts
  • Discounts on safe driving

Some companies like Allstate are more affordable than people think, and they also offer discounts for being eco-friendly and paperless. When looking for quotes, potential customers should inquire about any discounts available.

The right blanket

Sometimes paying for more coverage up front can save a lot of money down the road. Florida has the highest rate of uninsured motorists in the country, and with up to 27% of the driver population getting behind the wheel without insurance, an accident can become very costly.

While full coverage can increase the cost of the premium, customers can save a lot of money and time if they are involved in an accident. If they have only taken out liability insurance and an accident totals their car, they will not receive any compensation for their loss. Full coverage would alleviate this problem.

Pay while you drive

Many auto insurance companies offer auto insurance based on the number of people driving. This is also known as pay-as-you-go insurance. This can be a great option for people who drive a lot less than others.

Some examples of this include Snapshot from Progressive, SafePilot from USAA, and Allstate’s Milewise programs. This is usually only a savings for low mileage drivers who also practice safe driving techniques. An application automatically monitors the driver once a customer downloads and registers it.

Client satisfaction

So important is using a company that offers great customer service. A company’s premium could be a few dollars lower. However, poor customer service makes filing claims much more difficult and could even result in missed work.

The more helpful the customer service, the faster their customers can get back to work and get reimbursed for costly damages. Auto insurance customers in Florida have ranked Allstate number one in customer service compared to other insurers. In auto insurance reviews, Florida customers appreciated the helpfulness and expertise of their local agents.

Takeaway meals

Don’t be fooled by the minimum legal requirements for auto insurance in Florida. It can be very expensive to get auto insurance, but a little due diligence and a willingness to shop around for quotes can save customers a bundle and provide protection for themselves, their families, and other drivers.

Investing a little time up front can help avoid financial disaster later. Driving without insurance in Florida is very risky and could cost a lot more in fines and wasted time than paying a premium. Explore all the options available for peace of mind and the best possible rate.

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The effects on mortality of non-compliance with the strategy of safeguarding doses of measles vaccine: a cluster randomized trial in Guinea-Bissau – Guinea-Bissau Tue, 04 May 2021 01:37:39 +0000

Stine Byberg, Peter Aaby, Amabelia Rodrigues, Christine Stabell Benn, Ane Baerent Fisker


introduction Measles vaccine (MV) can improve health beyond protecting against measles. To avoid wastage of multidose vials, children in Guinea-Bissau are only vaccinated against measles when they are 9 to 11 months old and when six or more children are present. We evaluated the health effects of providing MV to all unvaccinated measles infants aged 9 to 35 months.

Methods We randomized 182 clusters of villages under demographic surveillance in rural Guinea-Bissau in an “ MV-for-all-policy ” arm where we offered MV regardless of the age and number of children present during our visits. biannuals in the villages, or a ‘Restrictive Policy Arm-MV where we followed the national policy. Unvaccinated measles children aged 9 to 35 months were eligible for enrollment and followed up to age 5. In intention-to-treat analyzes, we compared mortality using Cox regression analyzes with age as the underlying timescale. The primary analysis was for children aged 12 to 35 months when assessing eligibility. Interactions with several contextual factors were explored.

Results Between 2011 and 2016, we followed 2778 children in the primary analysis. MV coverage at age 3 was 97% among children eligible for enrollment under the MV-for-all-policy and 48% under the restrictive MV policy. Mortality was 59% lower than expected and did not differ by trial arm (MV-for-all-policy: 45/1405: Restrictive-MV-policy: 44/1373; HR: 0.95 (95% CI 0.64 to 1.43)). The effect of MV for all changed over time: the HR was 0.53 (95% CI 0.27 to 1.07) in the first 1½ years of enrollment, but 1.07. 47 (95% CI 0.87 to 2.50) later (p = 0.02, interaction test). Exploratory analyzes have indicated that the temporal change may be related to interactions with other childhood interventions.

Conclusion The MV-for-all policy increased MV coverage but had no overall effect on overall mortality.

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