Sustainable zero net design can save both the environment and money

Reallocation of existing buildings is also a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to new construction – adaptive reuse and conservation projects allow us to convert uninhabitable spaces into habitable spaces and preserve built heritage. New Delhi: Durability is not an additional construction; it’s a way of life. When it comes to …

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Why we must save the Amazon

We must protect the Amazon rainforest to have a chance against climate change. But how to do when the majority of the Amazonian territory is controlled by a government which encourages its destruction? The Amazon is the center of the climate emergency – it is home to 10% of the …

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$ 60 million to continue supporting COVID-19 for senior care

Date published: June 2, 2021 Type of support: Press release Public: General public The Australian government is investing $ 60 million to extend support for COVID-19 response measures for affected elderly care facilities in Australia until June 30, 2022. The extension means that a second installment of grants from the …

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