Same day money

Why I decided to become a real estate investor

For most of my journalistic career – almost 17 years now – I spoke out against the inequalities in our housing system. The way tax breaks drive up demand for housing, inflate prices and put it out of reach for many young Australians – at least, those unlucky enough to …

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Possible “black hole” of pensions for millions of self-employed workers who could be left with nothing when they retire

Fears have been revealed of an upcoming ‘black hole’ in pensions for the self-employed due to the depletion of savings after the coronavirus pandemic and, if that happens, it could leave millions of people through. the country in financial difficulty when they reach retirement. The warning follows statistics showing a …

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Social security trust funds could run out by 2034

“Social Security and Medicare are more crucial than ever for older Americans. Social Security is the only guaranteed source of retirement income, and Medicare provides the essential health coverage that seniors rely on and need, ”said AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins . “Reports from today’s directors show that both programs …

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