Same day money – Direct Vanqex Mon, 21 Nov 2022 16:03:15 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Same day money – Direct Vanqex 32 32 News from nowhere: money worries Mon, 21 Nov 2022 15:22:52 +0000 He is the third prime minister we have seen since the last election. He is the third prime minister we have seen this fall. The ruling party can’t blame anyone else for the economic pain it now feels compelled to impose on ordinary working people in an attempt to fix its own mess.

  • The fact is that the current government was put in power by – and includes key members of – the same political party that earlier this fall plunged the country into chaos.

Last Thursday, the UK government released its much-awaited autumn financial statements.

It was originally scheduled for late November in a bid to calm markets after the meltdown caused by the ill-advised “fiscal event” that Liz Truss imposed on the nation during her unprecedentedly short tenure as prime minister.

Truss’ chancellor has since revealed he urged her to ‘slow down’ – but not before her mini budget had already caused extraordinary economic chaos.

Despite his subsequent policy reversals and promises to balance the pounds, the markets had continued to panic and the value of the pound had continued to fall. And so Mrs. Truss had replaced her chancellor with a somewhat more reliable guy who had said he could get the job done by the end of October.

This had succeeded in calming the financial markets somewhat. They were then given a little more reassurance when Liz Truss was herself replaced in Downing Street by the conservative (and less obviously crazy) tax expert Rishi Sunak. However, Mr Sunak felt he needed a bit more time with his new chancellor to get the economy back on track and so delayed this latest budget statement for a further seventeen days.

At this point, the fluctuating dates of this announcement might have seemed almost as complicated as the budget figures involved, were it not for the fact that, at least in part due to the former prime minister’s eccentric economic background, The progress of the country’s finances had been so derailed that the Bank of England was forced to announce its biggest interest rate hike since 1989 and predicted the longest period of recession since records began. Indeed, earlier this month it was reported that in the third quarter of the year the UK economy contracted by 0.2%.

Then last week it was revealed that the prices of various popular branded food items – including that staple of the healthy British diet, Heinz tomato ketchup – had soared by more than fifty per cent in the last two years. Families struggling to keep their children warm and fed suddenly faced another indignity, which had a curious degree of emotional impact: they could no longer afford a dollop of red stuff, their latest taste of luxury, over their value range. , generic supermarket mixed meat sausages reduced to clear.

The day before the fall budget statement, the inflation rate topped eleven percent, hitting its highest rate in 41 years. The price of a pint of skimmed milk had risen by nearly forty-eight percent in just twelve months. On the same day, amid rising production costs and record cases of bird flu, several major retail chains announced they were rationing the number of eggs customers could buy.

At the height of the Covid-19 crisis, Rishi Sunak had, as chancellor, somehow managed to keep government bills going and kept the hand- the country’s workforce almost afloat (or at least ready to return to work) thanks to its furlough scheme – a mechanism by which the state has paid for the continued employment of those unable to work during these months of closure of non-essential services required by the pandemic.

It had even subsidized restaurant dining in a bid to boost the hospitality trade in the immediate wake of the first wave of the pandemic. For the Treasury, all this had required a Herculean effort, unprecedented in times of peace. He had put the nation in debt for generations to come. But, in the fall of 2022, thanks to a combination of outbreaks of war in Europe and madness in Downing Street, this time things were going to be really tough.

Mr Sunak had already overturned his short-lived predecessor’s plans for a massive program of unaffordable tax cuts. He now had to make what his government had repeatedly warned were “tasteful” decisions on tax hikes and spending cuts in public sector services.

This comes precisely at a time when these services are already in crisis, with health care and social services struggling to meet growing demands, and education facing rising costs due to runaway inflation, which which led the Headteachers’ Union to report this month that two-thirds of its members expected to have to cut teaching staff.

Everyone in the country, the government repeated in the days leading up to this week’s budget, should pay more taxes. No arguments. Done. Full stop.

Yet the strategy eventually chosen by Chancellor Jeremy Hunt was essentially to do nothing: or rather to do nothing in a very categorical way. He chose to freeze lower tax thresholds even as revenues are expected to rise, thereby ensuring higher proportions and levels of those revenues end up in the hands of the Treasury. He also froze inheritance tax thresholds and decided to limit long-term increases in public spending despite the huge increase in costs resulting from the highest inflation rates in decades.

The government is thus planning to plug a huge hole in its finances by raising revenue to the tune of £24 billion and cutting spending by £30 billion in real terms over the next few years (while protecting spending from public health and schools). Meanwhile, plans for state subsidies to social care costs have been put on hold for a few more years.

It also significantly raised the level of a one-off levy on the burgeoning profits of energy companies, originally introduced by the current prime minister when he was chancellor.

He raised the national living wage and increased social benefits and state pensions by the rate of inflation recorded last month. This is a surprisingly positive development, although inflation has risen further since then and looks set to continue to do so.

It also lowered the level at which the top income tax rate is paid, attracting several thousand top earners into that bracket, while leaving the top earners relatively unscathed (apart from reductions in dividend tax abatements and capital gains income).

Much of this may seem quite reasonable, at least by the standards set by the previous administration. It wasn’t a redistributive budget, but at least it didn’t try to channel wealth to the super-rich. There are, however, three main problems with the government’s fiscal strategy.

The first is that by increasing their investments in the exploitation of fossil fuels (contrary to the UK’s commitments to net zero carbon emissions), multinational oil companies have so far been able to activate sufficient tax relief to offset the vast majority of previous windfall levies. It remains to be seen whether they will be able to continue exploiting similar flaws.

The second is that doing nothing is not standing still. This requires scaling back efforts to ease the economic pain felt by millions of families facing massive increases in food prices and heating costs for their homes. Although these families, for example, will continue to receive assistance with their energy bills, this assistance will be rather less generous than before. One-off hardship payments will go to pensioners, disabled people and those on means-tested benefits, but many would say more action is needed. You can’t just walk on water when you’re hurtling down the rapids and you’re about to plunge into the rumbling abyss.

And the third problem is this: the nation’s financial difficulties have been both exposed and exacerbated by the brash actions of the previous Prime Minister and Chancellor who, just two months ago, panicked the markets and destroyed the economy with their own patently absurd budget plans.

It would be politically acceptable if the previous administration had been kicked out of Downing Street and replaced, with democratic sanction and the mandate of a general election. But the fact is that the current government was put in power by – and includes key members of – the same political party that earlier this fall plunged the country into chaos. Indeed, many senior civil servants appointed by ministers and cabinet members have retained their positions. Amazingly, the Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary who let Liz Truss get away with the craziest act of economic self-harm imaginable (unless they traded the gold stash for a hamster of company or to double the national debt to buy very good sweets) are still in Publish.

Never mind that last summer the current Prime Minister warned his party of the inevitable repercussions of his predecessor’s plans. What matters is that they were told that and elected her anyway – and many of them went on to serve and support her patently unworkable agenda.

He is the third prime minister we have seen since the last election. He is the third prime minister we have seen this fall. The ruling party can’t blame anyone else for the economic pain it now feels compelled to impose on ordinary working people in an attempt to fix its own mess. It’s hard to see how they could manage to shoot or survive this one. Yet they most likely will.

The sudden presence at the top of government of a well-mannered, composed, hard-working, conscientious and intelligent leader should certainly not be enough to get the Tories out of this predicament – ​​although it does obviously bring a welcome change. If Mr Sunak manages to pull off an economic miracle and somehow ease the pain that the British people are going to feel over the next two years, then he can successfully keep his party in power until the next scheduled elections. It is suspected, however, that the only way for him to achieve this would be to abandon most of them.

An impostor stole money from poker players’ bank accounts Sat, 19 Nov 2022 07:00:00 +0000

A major security flaw in gambling sites’ payment processing systems has allowed a fraudster to create accounts in the name of poker players and obtain money directly from their bank accounts. [Image:]

Scammer creating accounts on behalf of pros

The poker world is at the center of yet another scandal, although this time it’s not about cheating (presumed or proven) or wrongdoing on the part of a player. This week several professional poker players reported that someone had created online gambling accounts in their name, deposited players’ bank accountsand immediately withdrew most of it, walking away with thousands of dollars per account.

Poker pro Joseph Cheong was the first to bring the theft to public attention, tweeting that his bank account had been debited $9,800 by BetMGM, even though there was no account. Other players, like David Bach and Kyna England, have also said they were victims.

The man shining the most light on the situation is poker pro and founder Todd “Dan Druff” Witteles, who was also victimized to the tune of $10,000. On his site’s message board, Witteles detailed what happened and the probable cause: the gaming sites’ use of a payment processor called Global Payments Gaming Solutions.

The flight only lasted a few minutes

Witteles lives in California, but on October 20, someone created a BetMGM account in his name in West Virginia. He doesn’t have a BetMGM account anywhere, so he wasn’t flagged as a duplicate. That same day, whoever set up the account deposited $10,000, but – and here’s the scary part – the money came directly from Witteles’ bank account.

collected three-quarters of it on the fake Venmo account

At the same time, the fraudster set up a Venmo Debit Mastercard, again in Witteles’ name, and used it as the destination account to withdraw $7,500 of the $10,000. The person did not play at all. They deposited the money from Witteles’ bank account, then cashed out three-quarters of it into the fake Venmo account.

This Venmo account then sent the money to another Venmo account in someone else’s name and that was it, it was gone. On November 4, the scammer took the remaining $2,500 from the BetMGM account.

The payment processor does not require repeated identity verification

Through some research, Witteles speculates that the fraudster was able to accomplish all of this so easily because BetMGM,, and many other gaming sites in the United States use Global Payments Gaming Solutions to process eCheck deposits. Witteles said he deposited a few thousand dollars at in Nevada this summer and had to go through ID verification before he could do so. For any subsequent deposits, a customer can skip all verifications and proceed directly to the deposit.

very little information is required to create an account on these gambling sites

There are two things that made the scam possible without any kind of website or database hacking. First of all, very little information is needed to create an account on these gambling sites. Just the basic name and address kind of information. The trickiest piece of information to acquire is the last four digits of a person’s social security number; Witteles doesn’t know how the scammer got this. The second security flaw is that Global Payments retains the person’s bank account information so that the customer can use the “VIP Preferred” service to quickly deposit at each gambling site that uses the company as a payment processor.

Since BetMGM and both use Global Payments, the scammer was able to create the account in Witteles’ name, and since the information matched what Witteles had used with, the system let the thief carry out immediately a large deposit with Witteles. bank account already linked.

It appears that only high-level professional poker players have been targeted, likely because their identities are public knowledge and they are likely to have large sums of money in the bank accounts they used to eCheck deposits. According to Witteles, all of the fraudulent accounts were created through BetMGM and Viejas Casino in California, the latter due to the casino’s cashless banking system. Most, but not all, of the victims were initially exposed to the Global Payments system through

Top 10 shares of the day Wed, 16 Nov 2022 08:00:00 +0000

Here are some stocks that can show significant price movements today. To check more hot stocks, click:


. FSN E-Commerce Companies (Nykaa)

Hermes Investment Fund bought 25.8 lakh of shares in the company.

2. Alstone Textiles

Paschim Finance & Chit Fund has sold 1.35 lakh of shares in the company.

3. Bikaji Foods

The company’s shares will be listed today, following its IPO.

4. Global Health (Medanta)

The company’s shares will be listed today, following its IPO.

5. Bharat Electronics

The company has signed a memorandum of understanding with Yantra India for cooperation in the field of defense production.

6. Tata Council

TAP Air Portugal has awarded the contract for its digital transformation to TCS.

7. IIFL Wealth Management

The company has completed the acquisition of MAVM Angel Network.


The open interest position in the company’s stock futures rose yesterday. This was accompanied by an increase in the price of the stock futures.


The open interest position in the company’s stock futures rose yesterday. This was accompanied by an increase in the price of the stock futures.


Short positions in the company’s shares increased yesterday.

Elon Musk’s Twitter Meltdown is the New Biggest Show on Earth Sun, 13 Nov 2022 19:18:40 +0000

Two weeks after Twitter was taken over by its new owner, it finally appeared on some high profile accounts: Elon Musk’s new gray check mark and an “official” label under the pseudonyms of the users. And so began a bright and shiny new era of verified accounts, equality for everyone on social media and the end, finally, of copycats everywhere.

Yes indeed. It’s Musk, after all, and nothing is simple with the controversial billionaire. The gray checkmarks were meant to be part of Musk’s grand plan to make verification — an official sign that you really are who you say you are — accessible to everyone. But the gray tiles barely lasted a few hours, disappearing as suddenly as they had appeared. In an hour-long live audio chat on Twitter the same day, Musk called the labels an “aesthetic nightmare watching the Twitter feed.” On Friday, the labels reappeared on Twitter’s own pages and those of some major brands and publishers.

Another part of Musk’s plan went into effect on Wednesday, an offer to let people who were paying $8 a month for a Blue Twitter Follower get a blue tick indicating that they have been verified. Unsurprisingly, the scammers immediately jumped at the chance to create fake, but “verified” accounts. Later Friday, Twitter suspended the account after a number of such accounts, impersonating Eli Lilly, among others, wreaked havoc.

Musk, who paid $44 billion for the social media network, reportedly told employees (the remaining 3,700 after laying off half of the workforce days earlier) at the end of the week that bankruptcy was a possibility. This message was delivered even as he tried to seduce advertisers frightened by the turmoil.

So, not a good week for Musk or Twitter.

The confusing, whiplash-inducing mess, however, is a massive spectacle that is, depending on your Twitter attachment, either hugely entertaining or hugely depressing. We are witnessing the potentially rapid implosion of one of the world’s most influential social media platforms, which has helped start revolutions (for the better) and moved the fate of the presidential elections (For the worst). Although past platforms like Friend Where Google Plus gone quietly, Twitter, in typical Musk style, could come out with the roar of a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket launch.

“It’s hard to see Twitter surviving this unless Musk steps back and puts an adult in charge,” said Carolina Milanesi, an analyst at research firm Creative Strategies. “While I can understand Musk’s need for change, going in and throwing it all away is something that rarely leads to success.”

The abruptness of events on Twitter, from the layoff of half the staff to the false start on gray checkmarks, creates a level of unpredictability that is terrible for businesses but irresistible for anyone fascinated by observing a collapse in real time. The “what happens next” factor would make any reality show producer jealous.

Musk – who tweeted his conflicting ideas on Twitter – telegraphed in a Tweeter that there are more false starts and unpredictability to come. “Twitter will be doing a lot of stupid things in the coming months,” he wrote, hinting at faster changes. “We will keep what works and change what doesn’t.”

That must be really reassuring to the advertisers he desperately needs to stay. Twitter has lost money for two years in a row and depends on ad sales, which make up almost all of its revenue.

I wish I could relax, eat some popcorn and watch the chaos unfold. I’ve weaned myself off Twitter considerably over the past few years, largely tweeting CNET stories from my staff and send a handful of retweets. But political unrest, the pandemic, and how easily I slip back into doom-scrolling dampen my enthusiasm to even open the app. I’m as detached as ever from Twitter, a place I’ve practically lived in with near-constant tweets for the past 13 years.

I suspect I’m not alone, and I could be joined by over 237 million people on Twitter who may be looking to skip to competing services like Mastodon if some of these changes persist. (Although my colleague Stephen Shankland think Mastodon is too complicated.) Musk still hasn’t clearly stated his stance on moderating toxic content, other than firing most of the team overseeing him. That doesn’t help longtime Twitter executive Yael Roth, who has been reassuring advertisers and users since Musk’s takeover, called it quitting Twitter on Thursday. An increase in hate speech could trigger an exodus of tired, frustrated, or just plain annoyed users.

Likewise, if Musk prioritizes tweets for Twitter Blue followers and aggressively pushes that $8 monthly fee, more people might wash their hands of Twitter.

“As a result of adjustments to Twitter’s verification features, the constant back and forth over product launches and policies makes Twitter seem like a slide into anarchy,” said Rachel Foster Jones, an analyst at research firm GlobalData. “Fears about impersonation and misinformation can irreparably tarnish the integrity of the platform.”

Twitter’s public relations team, which has been significantly reduced due to the layoffs, did not respond to comments.

As a journalist who’s covered technology and digital media for over two decades, I can’t ignore Twitter as a company and a story. But following every new tweet or report is a full-time job. (Lucky for you, CNET has this practice Musk-Twitter Timeline which notes the latest developments.)

I also know what’s at stake with the potential loss of Twitter, given its value as a public forum. Losing the platform that helped birth the Arab Spring and the #MeToo movement would be devastating to society.

But right now, Twitter is rapidly turning into an ever-widening chasm — and none of us can take our eyes off it.

Top 10 stocks of the day – November 11, 2022 Fri, 11 Nov 2022 07:37:00 +0000

The Nifty futures contract on the Singapore Stock Exchange rose 299.5 points or 1.65% today, indicating that stock markets may open higher on Friday. The following 10 stocks may show price movements in the current market. To check more hot stocks, click:

  1. Apollo Hospitals:

The healthcare giant said that for the second quarter ended in September, its consolidated net profit fell by 20% to Rs 213 crore.

  1. Adani green energy:

The renewable energy market participant reported a 49% increase in its overall net profit to Rs 149 crore in the September quarter of FY23 compared to a year earlier.

  1. Activity area :

The apparel maker’s net profit for the second quarter ended September 2022 rose marginally to Rs 162.12 crore.

  1. Eicher engines:

The major automaker said strong sales in both domestic and overseas markets helped its consolidated after-tax profit rise 76% to Rs 657 crore in the September quarter.

  1. DCX systems:

The company, which produces wire harnesses and electronic subsystems, is due to go public on Friday.

  1. Indian Hotels Co:

Due to an increase in travel demand, the Tata Group hotel company reported a combined profit after tax (PAT) of Rs 129.59 crore for the third quarter.

  1. India Bata:

Partly due to increased store footfall, the first cobbler recorded a 47.44% increase in its combined net profit after tax for the second quarter ended September 2022, to Rs 54.82 crore.

  1. Zomato:

For the second quarter that ended in September 2022, the online meal delivery service reported a decrease in its overall net loss to Rs 250.8 crore.


In the quarter that ended September 30, 2022, the state-owned metal player dipped into the red, recording a consolidated loss of Rs 329 crore.

  1. Muthoot Finance:

The country’s largest gold lender reported a 10% drop in its combined net profit for the July-September quarter of FY23 to Rs 901.6 crore.

For comments and suggestions, email us at

Tom Waits: Alice (20th Anniversary Edition) (ANTI-) – review Tue, 08 Nov 2022 12:04:15 +0000

tom is waiting

Alice (20th Anniversary Edition)


November 08, 2022

Mark and share

It’s almost impossible to think of this album without also thinking of blood moneyalso released by ANTI- on the same day in 2002. After the 2017 reissue which marked the 15th anniversary of this album, this 20th anniversary edition (which is accompanied by a reissue of blood money as well as in various colors) on “metallic gold” vinyl is the first release of this classic Tom Waits opus as a double LP, but it should be noted that its contents only take up three sides, with the fourth and final side being a engraving.

You could say that at only 48 minutes, a three-sided double LP edition was unnecessary, but that would be missing the point. It sounds and looks great. Alicealso based on a much older play written by Waits and adapted by Robert Wilson (the same couple responsible for blood money) from the early 1990s, can be considered a moodier, sometimes more romantic, and perhaps even sadder cousin of blood moneyimplacable misery and pessimism.

Among the many highlights is the opening of the second side “Poor Edward”, a tribute to the titular Edward Mandake. Featuring several dozen musicians (including, notably, Stewart Copeland on “Table Top Joe”) and engineers with different composition on each track, it sounds remarkably cohesive and stands as one of Waits’ greatest works. (

Author’s note: 8.5/ten

Dino Radja thinks EuroLeague expansion to Dubai will happen ‘if the money is right’ Sat, 05 Nov 2022 11:08:00 +0000

By Bilal Baran Yardımcı /

Dino Radja, a former Croatian basketball player and member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, is one of the icons of European basketball. His career with many major achievements speaks for itself. He has two EuroLeague titles, a EuroLeague Final Four MVP, several national titles and trophies. He played in the NBA as a member of the Boston Celtics in the 90s, and is one of the pioneers of European players who competed in the NBA.

BİDEV is a foundation to develop basketball in Turkey and together with the NBA founded a Jr. NBA league in the country. The league draft took place at the Darüssfaka Ayhan Sahenk Sports Arena in Turkey, and former star Radja attended the event.

Eurohoops had the chance to speak with Dino Radja and the legend expressed his thoughts on various topics.

Do you think you could have played more years in the NBA?

“Absolutely. Today I think players are more protected. The game is less physical, it’s more about skill. I think players last longer than players back then.

Can you compare the time when you played in the NBA with the current time?

“It’s different. Today is more like an all-star game, run n’ gun. Before it was more physical, it was very difficult to score in the paint, it was very difficult to dunk. Today hui dunks every game… But I think the crowd is having fun. You know, all those long-range shots, all those highlights that you can see every day. Different times, different rules. The game develops like the wants the crowd. I think it’s good for the league, and good for the game. Which one do I prefer? I prefer the old school. But I think I would adapt to today’s game .

How do you feel as one of the pioneers who paved the way for today’s European NBA stars?

“I must say that I am very proud to be one of the pioneers who paved the way for everyone to the NBA. Because before Drazen Petrovic, Divac, Toni Kukoc, Sabonis, myself… We don’t didn’t believe in European players…that they could be successful. Then we came in and showed everyone that we could be successful, and now the NBA is open. If you see how many international players are in the NBA right now , that’s a huge number.

What is your opinion of Luka Doncic, Nikola Jokic and Giannis Antetokounmpo?

“All are different but I think Luka and Jokic are amazing talents. It’s something you’re born with. Giannis, on the other hand, is so physical. It’s amazing how physical he is. He’s also talented, but not like those two (Luka and Jokic) Definitely, Europe is leaving its mark in the NBA today.

How much have you followed the Boston Celtics?

“I’ve always followed the Celtics. The Celtics are my team, I’m emotionally connected to them. Every morning when I wake up and they play, I follow what’s going on. I’m always in touch with people who worked in the organization at the time, some of them are still working I’m a basketball guy, of course I’m what’s going on.

What do you think of the Celtics’ current situation?

“I think they had a big chance last year. I thought they were going to win. Because you know, youth against experience, and it’s time for youth to win. But of course Golden State is a great team and they are more experienced I think this year they have a chance but there are so many good teams in the NBA right now Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Celtics, Miami, Golden State, Memphis, Clippers … Portland are playing very well at the start of the season. It will be an interesting season to follow, probably the most interesting season in a long time.

When you think about the problems they have on the front line right now, they could very well use you.

Yeah, I know but I’m too old for that (laughs). I wish I was 25 years younger but unfortunately I can’t.

You and your former teammate Toni Kukoc are both Hall of Famers. How do you feel about that?

“I don’t think it matters to any of us. We know everything we’ve done in basketball history. I was very happy when he was selected, I’m sure he was happy when I was elected. It’s good. We have known each other since we were 14 years old.

What was the most exciting and fun season you’ve had?

“There are a lot of different seasons with a lot of success. We won our first European title in the 1989 season. I won another European title with the national team the same year and we won the championship. But also, my third year in the NBA where I averaged almost 20 points and 10 rebounds, I felt like it was the best season. I felt like the most powerful ever. You know, we have different seasons with different things. It’s really hard to say which season is the best. Every season has good things.

Your Jugoplastica team scored a hat-trick in the EuroLeague. Do you believe that Anadolu Efes has a chance to achieve this as well?

“Certainly they have a chance. But you know, it’s a long season. They didn’t start well, but the same thing happened last year. I think they have the quality. It’s a long season, injuries can happen, a lot of teams can emerge in a certain period of time. And also, there are a lot of great teams in the EuroLeague. Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Fenerbahce, Olympiakos… It’s going to be interesting.

Is it easy to maintain your thirst for success after winning back-to-back titles?

“Hunger is still the same. You always want to win, it’s a nice feeling. After winning something, I never said to myself ‘OK, now I want to win less’. You always want to earn more. But emotionally, winning second and third is not as important as first. The first is always the special.

What do you think of the potential expansion of the EuroLeague to Dubai?

“You know, business is always a matter of money. If the money is good, then it will happen, trust me.

Have you been paying attention to rising Turkish sensation Alperen Sengun?

“Yes (I had the chance to see him). He’s playing well. I think he scored in the last game like 23 three-pointers. He’s definitely a good player. I think he’s already done his proof. As long as he keeps working… You know, at some point, a lot of players are happy with the whole contract or what they’re doing, and they stop working. As long as he keeps working hard during the summer when he can, he will get better and better and more successful.The moment you are satisfied is the moment you start to descend.

Everything you need to know about Firstmark services Thu, 03 Nov 2022 00:00:00 +0000

designer491/Getty Images/iStockphoto

If you have a federal or private student loan, the entity that issued the loan is usually not the one that handles billing and other related services. This is usually the job of a student loan servicer, a separate company hired to service your loans.

If you have a private student loan, Firstmark Services may be the company that manages it on behalf of the issuer. Find out everything you need to know about Firstmark Services, its payment options and how it compares to other loan servicers below.

What is the purpose of student loan services?

There are two types of student loans in the United States: federal and private. Federal loans are issued by the US government and offer lower fixed interest rates and flexible repayment options and do not require a credit check. Private loans are issued by banks and other private financial institutions and may have higher variable interest rates than federal loans.

In either case, the federal government or the private financial institution may choose to hire another company to service the loan. This is where student loan servicers come in. A student loan servicer is hired by the government or a financial institution to be the intermediary between the lender and the borrower, including handling billing and payment and handling customer support.

It’s important to know who your student loan manager is if you want to change or defer your student loan payments, access records, or ask questions about your student loans.

About Firstmark Services

Firstmark Services is an operating division of Nelnet, Inc. and has been operating since 1997, managing student loan and customer loan portfolios. Unlike Nelnet, which handles federal loans, Firstmark Services works with private institutions.

How to check if Firstmark Services is your supplier

Finding your repairer may require a bit of research if you have a private student loan. First, check to see if the service agent is listed on your latest student loan statement. Alternatively, if you have your Student Loan Account ID, check to see if the information is provided in your online portal.

Another way to find your student loan officer is to request a credit report from one of the three major credit bureaus. Your credit report should have all of your private lenders listed, including your servicing agent.

What payment options does Firstmark services offer?

Once you know Firstmark Services is your loan servicer, you can create an account on their site to check your balance, make payments, opt in to paper statements, or explore other information related to your loan.

The Firstmark Services allows you to make one-time payments and sign up for direct debit, where you make automatic payments each month. Additionally, Firstmark Services allows you to make payments in other ways:

  • By telephone. You can make payments by calling 888-538-7378. A one-time payment by debit card may be possible by speaking to a representative.
  • By sending a check or money order. Payments can be sent to Firstmark Services, PO Box 2977 Omaha, NE 68103-2977. Be sure to include your statement stub with the payment or write your account number on the check or money order to ensure your payment is credited promptly.

In all cases, payments received before 5 p.m. CDT will be credited the same day, while payments received after 5 p.m. will be credited the next business day.

Firstmark Services may offer the option of deferring payments and requesting loan forbearance on a case-by-case basis. For more information on your situation, you can contact its customer service.

How do Firstmark services compare to other loan officers?

The Better Business Bureau gives Firstmark Services an A rating. The A rating means the BBB has given the company a rating between 94 and 96.99 out of 100 based on factors such as customer complaint history. , whether complaints are properly resolved and business practices. ethics.

However, BBB ratings do not include customer reviews in their calculations., and Firstmark Services has a user review score of 1.17 out of 5. Customers should note that the BBB verifies customer reviews by allowing the company to confirm whether an interaction has taken place, but it does not guarantee not the accuracy or truthfulness of any advice.

In comparison, two Firstmark Services competitors, Great Lakes Educational Loan Services and Navient, both have BBB ratings of B and customer review ratings of 1.00 and 1.01 out of 5, respectively.

Contact Firstmark Services

If you are a Firstmark Services customer, you can contact them by email at You can also call its customer service line at 888-538-7378 between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. CDT, Monday through Friday.

The company’s mailing address is:

Firstmark Services
Box 82522
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Can you change loan officers?

If you are unhappy with your current loan manager, it may be possible to change. Although it is not possible to transfer your current loan to a new servicer, refinancing your current loan with another provider may be an option. Refinancing allows you to take out a new loan from another provider to pay off your existing loan, and then continue making payments with your new provider’s manager.

Refinancing can sometimes mean big savings, if you can find another provider with lower interest rates. For most people, refinancing can become a possibility after finishing school, as it often requires excellent credit and a solid, stable income.

If you are a customer of Firstmark Services and you want to switch to another repairer by refinancing, ask the provider of your choice which repairers they partner with. Otherwise, if you are not careful, you may end up with the same repairman.


Knowing whether Firstmark Services is your student loan servicer or not will allow you to make informed decisions about your future loan repayments. If you’re currently a Firstmark Services customer looking to change repairers via refinancing or considering other loan options, be sure to do your research so you don’t find yourself in the same position – or worse.

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The best comparison sites for travel, money shopping and flights Mon, 31 Oct 2022 00:01:00 +0000
We compare the comparisons (Picture: Getty Images)

Sometimes it feels like it’s hard to turn on the TV without finding an ad for another comparison site.

These sites make their money by earning a commission when you click on them to purchase a product or service such as an insurance policy, theft, or electronic item.

They can be useful for consumers, as it can be laborious to compare all the different offers available from a range of different providers, but the sites are not always comprehensive.

On top of that, it’s possible to end up with a financial product or flight that doesn’t fit your need because the site has made the wrong assumptions about your situation.

Here are some of the best comparison sites available, and some of the ways you can use them to save the most money…


Some flight comparison sites to save you the £££

Some flight comparison sites can save you £££s (Picture: Getty Images)

Flight comparison websites can help you score great deals, but the extras can quickly add up and you need to be very clear about what you want if you want to get the best prices.

Try Momondo which has the ability to add the number of bags you’ll be taking before you compare, so you can get the best possible flight price for you.

Kayak has a similar feature, and in both cases you can choose to only see flights on the same day or, helpfully, to see flights on dates close to the same time, to see if you can get a better deal while traveling a few days later. or sooner.

Comparison sites don’t show you all the deals, such as TUI packages which may be cheaper for some popular holiday destinations (even if you don’t plan to stay in a hotel).

If you use a comparison site, be sure to check the brand it directs you to buy the flights because if something goes wrong, you’ll have to try and get a refund from that company.

You can check their customer service record using Trust Pilot. It’s worth paying for all flights over £100 with a credit card, as it ensures that if you can’t get a refund from a flight supplier, the credit card company will also be liable to reimburse you.


Top Financial Comparison Sites to Help You Decide

Finances are tougher than ever, so getting the right financial product for you is vital (Picture: PA)

There are many comparison sites available for financial products ranging from insurance to savings accounts.

Sites such as moneysupermarket, uswitch, comparethemarket and allow you to compare products such as insurance, energy, broadband and savings.

There are also more specific sites., although strictly a marketplace rather than a comparison site, offers you a large number of savings accounts with high rates that are not available on the high street .

Some big providers aren’t listed on comparison sites, including Direct Line, Admiral and NFU Mutual, so it’s worth looking at them separately.

Always be sure to read the fine print of any financial product you purchase to ensure the product is suitable for your needs.

Customers should be wary that they are getting the right product for them. The Financial Conduct Authority, which regulates financial product comparison sites, said sites do not always offer products that meet a customer’s demands and needs.

A good place to check if the product you’re buying and the vendor you’re buying from are suitable for your needs is Defaqto, which provides independent star ratings for different products. However, you should always check the fine print yourself.


Relax, Let These Travel Websites Find You the Best Deals

Relax, some travel websites can find you a great deal (Picture: Getty Images)

For travel outside of flights, there are other comparison sites to try.

Trivago compares deals from sites like, Expedia, Agoda and Love Holidays to help you find your perfect hotel. Tripadvisor offers a similar service.

Another site worth checking out is Holiday Pirates, which has a selection of holiday deals from different providers, although it is not strictly a comparison site.

General purchases

Young woman receiving fresh food home delivery

Find the best shopping deals from the comfort of your own home (Photo: Getty Images)

You can also find comparison sites for everyday purchases.

For groceries, try Trolley, which compares prices at 15 or more supermarkets and lets you create lists to compare.

This does not include stores such as Farmfoods and Lidl, but it does include Aldi.

For online shopping, try Google Shopping, which lets you search for specific products and see where they’re stocked for the cheapest.

Independent competitors Pricepy, Pricerunner and Kelkoo do this too.

This is a great way to check if a great price on a site is actually as good as it looks.

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Amazon says profits could disappear and Apple faces “significant” fourth-quarter headwinds Fri, 28 Oct 2022 12:00:57 +0000

Key points to remember

  • Amazon increased revenue 15% in the third quarter, but expects fourth-quarter profit could be flat.
  • Apple also expects revenue to decline in the fourth quarter, with major impacts felt by the continued strength of the US dollar.
  • The negative outlook prompted a further sell-off in tech stocks, with Amazon’s share price falling 20% ​​after hours trading.
  • Despite the expected short-term volatility, Big Tech remains an attractive long-term option for investors who allocate their funds in the right way.

The stock market is known as a leading indicator of the general health of the economy. Indeed, usually when a public company releases its figures for the last quarter or year, it also provides indications of what the next quarter or year will look like.

Because of this cycle, a company’s share price performance can seem a little disconnected from its financial performance.

If a company forecasts earnings per share of $1, and then three months later reports earnings per share of $1, the stock might not move much. Those earnings can be a great result, but the stock price will usually have been priced on the expectation that the company would hit its numbers.

And if the forecast is a bit down even after a positive result, the stock may move against that projection more than the actual numbers.

And so we find ourselves in a bizarre world where Amazon can increase its revenue by 15% over last year and then see its stock price drop by almost 20%. Or how on the same day, Apple can report numbers mostly in line with forecasts and see its stock price rise.

The stock market is particularly sensitive to forecasts right now because everyone keeps talking about a recession. Even though we’re not there yet (officially), we’re at the point where if that happens, every CEO and analyst on Earth will be able to claim they “called” it.

Either way, if there were two companies that could provide the best insight into consumer behavior and expectations for the year ahead, it would be Amazon and Apple. Let’s take a look at how they fared in Q3 and analyze the takeaways from their predictions.

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Amazon’s earnings forecast crashed but the stock price crashed

It was a two-quarter story for Amazon’s announcement, with a reasonably positive third quarter result overshadowed by a very bleak outlook for the fourth quarter.

Third quarter revenue was up 15% from the same period last year and while most companies consider this a major win, it didn’t count for Amazon as it was slightly behind the analysts’ expectations. The final third-quarter figure for the company was $127.1 billion versus a forecast of $127.46 billion.

Amazon Web Services revenue was below target at $20.5 billion from the forecast figure of $21.1 billion, while advertising was ahead of expectations at $9.55 billion. dollars versus $9.48 billion.

Despite the slight decline in overall revenue, earnings per share recorded a big beat at $0.28 versus a forecast of $0.20.

Those numbers alone certainly don’t justify a major sell-off that saw Amazon shares plummet nearly 20% overnight, but it was the forecasts that spooked (pun intended) the markets.

While we’re all in the mood for something spooky this time of year, that clearly doesn’t extend to investors. Amazon Chief Financial Officer Brain Olsavksy said “these are uncharted waters for many consumer budgets” and they risk seeing a major downturn in spending.

As consumers battle high levels of inflation and soaring energy prices, there is potentially less money in the bank for non-essential spending.

In terms of the numbers, Amazon forecast fourth-quarter revenue to be between $140 billion and $148 billion, significantly lower than previous estimates from analysts who forecasted strong holiday days and final numbers. order of 155 billion dollars.

Worse still, profit on those sales could fall to $0, with Amazon suggesting a range of zero to $4 billion from analysts’ forecasts of $5 billion in the fourth quarter.

The negative outlook saw Amazon shares fall as much as 20% in after-hours markets, although they recovered slightly to fall around 13%.

Apple predicts less dire but still cautious forecast

While Amazon seems to have turned the doom dial up to 11, Apple hovers around a 7.5. Their revenue rose 8% from the same period last year, reaching $90.1 billion from an estimated $88.9 billion. Good news so far.

Earnings per share also rose, gaining 4% to $1.29, slightly above the $1.27 that had been forecast by analysts.

Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri commented on the significant impact of the strong US dollar, attributing a drop of around ten percentage points to company revenue as a result. With the rise of the US dollar against most of the world’s major currencies, iPhone sales and app store revenue from other parts of the world such as the UK and Europe are converting to less US dollars, which has an impact on net income.

Maestri also said that “the company’s total year-over-year revenue performance will slow in the December quarter compared to the September quarter.”

That’s not good news, but it’s a much softer message than Amazon’s projection that their fourth-quarter earnings could be wiped out completely.

Mac revenues in particular are expected to slow year-over-year, in part due to the fact that no new lineups will be announced in Q4 2022. Last year saw the release of the M1 Pro and M1 Macbooks. Max in October, leading to a strong showing for the Mac division heading into Christmas.

Although there are rumors that new versions of these Macbooks will be released before the end of 2022, they should be simple updates with no design changes, rather than brand new machines.

The lackluster results resulted in a muted response during action. It fell 5% initially, but pared all of those losses to end nearly 1% after hours trading.

How Investors Can Approach Tech Now

Big Tech has been the darling of most investors’ portfolios for the past two years. There have been record prices, record profits, and seemingly endless sources of revenue and growth. Everything has changed now. Probably not forever, but investing in tech is no longer about throwing a dart at a board and watching your portfolio go to the moon.

The technology sector remains the fastest growing in the world and will continue to drive growth in the global economy for the foreseeable future. That said, making profits now requires a more sophisticated approach.

In our opinion, the use of AI is the best way to achieve this. There is simply too much data and information available right now for us humans to assess and decipher in a timely manner. Like many aspects of our lives, we can use technology to help us.

We use AI and machine learning to manage investment kits for investors that are heavily based on market segments or themes. On the tech side, we have our Emerging Tech Kit, which seeks to invest in the best tech ideas, rebalancing weekly.

We use AI to predict returns for the coming week in four vertical markets. Big tech companies, small tech companies, tech ETFs and cryptocurrencies via public trusts. The AI ​​looks at multiple sets of data to predict the return and volatility of each of these verticals, then automatically rebalances the kit in an effort to achieve the best risk-adjusted returns each week.

As this is a basic kit, investors can also choose to add portfolio protection. This is another layer of AI that examines the portfolio’s sensitivity to different types of risk, such as interest rate risk, oil risk, and overall market risk. With this information, it then automatically implements sophisticated hedging strategies that aim to reduce the overall volatility of the portfolio.

It’s like having a well-paid hedge fund manager in your pocket.

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