Direct deposits

Are Affirm Crypto and Debit a Game Changer in Space?

Super app, a term coined by BlackBerry founder Mike Lazaridis in 2010, is a unique app that combines the most used features of our smartphones into one seamlessly integrated app. This app handles everything from calling a cab, paying your rent, talking to friends and family, and even ordering food. …

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Celsius Review: Pros, Cons and More

The Celsius wallet app is simple and quite easy to use. The website claims to work in over 150 countries, however, it is worth checking whether or not your country provides full support for Celsius features. For example, in the United States, new users in Washington State and New York …

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Kenya’s cynical offensive against the ICJ | Opinions

When he was first elected in 2013, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, along with his running mate, William Ruto, were awaiting prosecution at the International Criminal Court. They had been charged with crimes against humanity in connection with the post-election violence that rocked Kenya following the December 2007 elections. Once in …

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