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Everything you need to know about ONE VIP by URBAN ONE.

Featured video of MadameNoire Source: blackCAT / Getty In the recurring awakening of the social justice movement and the repercussions of COVID-19 hitting the United States, black Americans in the diaspora have become more interested in financial literacy. Whether it was paying more attention to their payslips, inventory, and even …

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Spotlight of the day: July 19, 2021

photo by Donna Vissman Here’s a look at the best stories from July 19, 2021. Video screenshot of the City of Franklin Facebook page When will Trader Joe’s open in Franklin? Read more Image Bank The Internal Revenue Service and the Treasury Department have announced that millions of American families …

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The High Cost of Believing Financial Lies Way of life

Researchers call them prejudices, although we know them as beliefs, often deeply held and, over time, ruining our financial lives. A team of behavioral researchers from Morningstar, using data from a University of Chicago survey, quantified how four biases lead people to have less savings, more debt, and lower credit …

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