Apple cancels Mr. Corman from Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Mr. Corman

Mr. Corman
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Well, that was quick: less than two months after his AppleTV + debut – and literally the very day he aired what is now his final episode definitely – Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Mr. Corman has just been unveiled by the streamer. (It’s canceled, we mean.)

Through Hollywood journalist, the show’s cancellation order – which starred Gordon-Levitt as a miserable college professor who seemed bound and determined to make everyone around him mopey too – was released hours after it went live of the season finale on the company’s servers.

Among other things, this makes Corman only the second show that Apple killed after just one season during his short time as a streamer. (The other was Small voice; the company is currently clearly in a “Let’s see, wait and see”Mood on most of his non-Ted lasso projectsThe series drew heavily on the talents of creator Gordon-Levitt, not only bringing him to the fore as a star (in a role that was more or less impossible not to compare in turn as the equally sad bag in 500 summer days) but also entrust him with both writing and directing large pieces of his series.

Our review of the first full season of the comedy-drama, written by Sulagna Misra, could reveal why the series, which had real strengths including its energetic mix of music and reality, failed to take off with people:

The first episode of Mr. Corman– a new Apple TV + series created, written and directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt – talks about how its eponymous lead character is a drag. Josh Corman (Gordon-Levitt) is anxious, uncomfortable with his public school students, and unable to see the joy in the world around him.

“Fortunately,” Misra writes, “It’s just the setup for the show to demonstrate how wrong he is.”

Except, of course, that it doesn’t seem like too many people stuck around to watch this demo unfold. This kind of slow combustion is achievable in a movie; after all, you’ve already paid the ticket money, so you might as well stick around and watch this guy come to life. In one TV series, however, it was apparently a stop for too many people, and so Mr. Cormanthe pleasures will remain buried under this austere first impression.

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