Apex Legends Respawn Removes Jobs For New ‘Adventure Forever’ IP

Respawn’s future is a mystery, and it got a bit more intriguing with a new development this week.

Respawn has moved most of the ongoing development on Apex Legends to a new studio opened in Vancouver. He’s been saying over and over that he’s not doing Titanfall 3. And as good as it is, it doesn’t look like Jedi: Fallen Order is in particular need of a sequel.

So what does Respawn do?

We can get a quick glimpse of what this might be, as Dextero found it a now-deleted job listing that spoke of hiring Respawn for a new IP address, a listing that uses “new handy technology” to “enable” adventure forever. “

Now this conjures up two different ideas.

“Adventuring Forever” could be an indicator of an ongoing live service game like Destiny, and we could see the other Fantastic / studio move based on FPS shooting game to enter the loot shooter genre. I was dying.

But I don’t really read it that way, because the talk of ‘new practical technologies’ reminds me of something that is experimenting with some form of procedural generation, perhaps along the lines of No Man’s Sky and its infinite planets. . Hello Games was tiny when they created their Universe Creation Engine, imagine what Respawn could do with a hit with similar tech for an IP as a bigger studio with even bigger support through EA (not that this is definitely a science fiction project). It is also fascinating.

Even though it indicates a new IP address, I’m guessing it is possible that it could be misleading and that strength to be a Star Wars business, an “adventure” series if there ever was one. EA has the exclusive Star Wars gaming license, but isn’t doing a ton of it yet. BioWare is busy with a new Dragon Age and Mass Effect. We haven’t heard from DICE’s upcoming Battlefront. And again, Fallen Order 2 isn’t likely, so that just leaves Squadrons, which was good, but not exactly a huge release. But my gut says it’s probably not Star Wars.

It’s probably in the very early stages of development, and Respawn doesn’t seem to like the people reporting on its existence, given that it took off the list almost as soon as it was noticed publicly. But I think Respawn is a developer that everyone is a fan of these days between their work on Titanfall, Fallen Order, and Apex, and everyone is just curious to see what they do next. I know I certainly am, whether it’s on the roads of Destiny or No Man’s Sky, or whatever.

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