10 times Mookuthi Amman actress Nayanthara killed with her sari look

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  • Actress Mookuthi Amman Nayanthara’s collection of saris screams glamor and elegance
  • Her brown silk saree look became a fan favorite in no time
  • Nayanthara usually adds ooze to her look with ornate jhumkas.

Traditional clothing has a sizzle that can never go away even as many fashion trends take over. No matter what the trending business is in the market, Indians always find a way to give it a touch of desi and one can’t help but swoon at the creation. One of our traditional garments that has undergone serious adjustments has to be the sari. From a change of draped style to wearing a blouse over it pallu, the saree look was the most experienced and the results often impressed the fashion police.

These fashion twists are often given to us by our celebrities because they are the most bankable when it comes to creating fashionable statements. However, no matter what anyone says, the saree looks great when it is draped in an authentic way and if there is one celebrity who will agree with us then it has to be the southern actress of India Nayanthara.

The Principal Lady is one of the most sought after actresses in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam film industry, not only for her quintessential performance but also for her elegant saree look. We believe that she should be the go-to person for all fashion enthusiasts who believe in dressing up and dressing up and down.

If you think we overestimate her fashion sense, then you clearly don’t know her saree collection. But don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for. We’ve created a huge catalog of images to capture her ‘wow’ saree look just so you can get fashion inspired.

She took to the internet when she wore this stylish piece to an awards show. Her brown saree look with oxidized gold jewelry became one of the most sought after looks every fan of hers wanted to add to their style diary.

Nayanthara often experiments with the blouse style and this sultry deep cut is our favorite. What amplifies her overall look, however, is her collection adorned with jhumkas and her statement as a black bindi that never leaves her.

Speaking of assertive styles, Nayanthara also amplifies her look with a kohl, a makeup product that she swears by, here is proof.

Aside from the solid hues, Nayanthara’s collection of sarees also includes quirky prints that are just as gorgeous as others.

The 35-year-old barely opts for flashy, highly ornate sarees and that’s what her fans love about her. Professionally, she has Mookuthi Amman, Nizhal and three other Tamil films in her pussy.

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