Divestment may be of interest to the company, states or consumers, depending on their orientation.

For this reason, there is often talk of politically / ethically motivated divestment or just divestment For companies, divestment is particularly important because it provides cash and cash equivalents that can be used to preserve or progress the business. For example, it is often possible to do without borrowing to raise capital and thus to obtain outside financing. However, a divestiture can also significantly reduce operating assets. Reasons for a… Read Article →

José Carlos Sánchez: "postponing the reform of financing is throwing in the towel or not wanting to face the political cost"

    The professor of the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Murcia (UMU), José Carlos Sánchez de la Vega, who was one of the members of the Committee of Experts appointed to review the regional financing system, has considered that the resignation of the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to undertake the reform of the model before the end of the current legislature means “throwing… Read Article →

The Representation in Spain of the European Commission, concerned about unemployed youth

  He has informed the Cortes de Aragón about the 2016 European Semester, the EU’s economic and budgetary policy coordination system. In a joint session of the Commissions of Economy and Finance, Guzmán has exposed that the economic, financial and debt crisis “has been very strong, has left Europe marked,” especially to the countries of the Euro Zone, compared to what Member States have reacted by developing the banking union… Read Article →

PGC-Herrera recognizes a "substantial improvement" in resources of the financing model with an imbalance of 126.1 million

  Herrera presents the accounts of 2018 JCYL In this sense, the regional chief executive has once again claimed the need to address the reform of the regional financing system that accounts for 60 percent of the total budget of the Community (10,859 million euros in 2018) to guarantee the essential core of the great public services and the effective equality of access of all Spaniards without being penalized by… Read Article →